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Thread: Out in boots..

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    Out in boots..

    I'd spent the day in jeggings and knee high boots working at my home office. Time to do the weekly shop run but I didn't want to take off the boots so I kept them on, spritz of my fave perfume and out to the car. I forgot how loud the heel was but was wonderful walking up and down the isles clicking away. No awkward stares (to my face anyway), and it was so nice to dress how I felt rather than how I should (according to society). Checkout girl complemented my long grey & silver nails so all in all a success. I know it's not a huge thing but just wanted to share
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    Glad you got to spend the time being what makes you happy!!!
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    Jeggings aren't pants, and don't you forget it. 🤣

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    Congrats! You say 'it's not a huge thing' but it really is!

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    So what were you shopping for Groceries? ....clothes? ....medicines?
    Hearing heels clicking on tiles always put a smile on my face....Showing some curves in Jeggings....."Priceless!"
    You go girl!
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    I have a pair of Cole Haan wedge boots that are almost passable as mens. Ive been wearing them in boy mode for years now. Especially on long drives.

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    Very nice .....those loud shoes and boots get ya every time lol .
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    Leggings and boots are a common look that I always forget to do in winter.

    Quote Originally Posted by MonicaPVD View Post
    Jeggings aren't pants, and don't you forget it. 🤣
    tunic, long shirt/jacket is quick remedy. A good tuck for tights is not as easy

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