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Thread: Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin

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    Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin

    We are driven by many things to do what we do in life. As for dressing I can point to, at least, three major things, which drive me. The hormones, Adrenaline, Dopamine, and Serotonin.

    -Adrenaline: stress reaction/preparation for, exertion. Thrilling
    - Dopamine: part of brain's reward, or feel good, system. Pleasurable.
    -Serotonin: total body impact on mood, well being, and happiness.

    These three hormones contribute to physiological, and psychological feelings and thoughts, which make me want to dress. The complex interaction of these three, and many other hormones get me dressing, and keep me coming back.
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    I get blood tests every 6 months and for me it is testosterone and the lack of the female hormone prolactin that keep me crossdressing. Thanks to my pituitary gland tumor.... untreated it floods my body with prolactin which is supposed to only happen after child birth. Promoting breast growth and milk production (both of which I did experience) And it trashes my testosterone and my urge to crossdress just fades away! Have almost 20 years worth of data to show that. But when I take Bromocriptine, my prolactin levels drop, T goes back up and my crossdressing comes back with a vengeance. I have 20 years worth of clothing receipts to verify this! Lol. Bromocriptine also has the side effects of lower heart rate, lower blood sugar AND I Quote

    Compulsive behaviors warning: Bromocriptine may cause intense urges to gamble, spend money, or binge-eat. It may also cause increased sexual urges or other intense urges. You may not be able to control these urges. Tell your doctor right away if you have any of these urges.

    Though it does stimulate dopamine receptors in the brain, you could say my crossdressing is now drug induced. And not related to any of the normal bodily hormones! Also explains why I like to crossdress at casinos and spend a lot of money on feminine clothing!
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    These hormones are present in most if not all men but don't trigger the dressing need in the majority . The debate about being born like it I beleive is the extra link , our wiring is different from birth so we are more susceptible to how those hormones affect us .

    Dressing full time means those highs and lows level out but the need to present female is still there , male mode is far more unsettling now , I feel in balance and comfortable within myself .
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    Those hormones are important drivers of behavior, but, as Teresa says, there probably needs to be something much more fundamental for those hormones to drive. Most likely those fundamentals are all in your head, that is your brain where the neural networks that generate behavior are located. They are most likely doing what they are doing because the most fundamental configuration as a result of your personal genome says that is the right thing to do. And those hormones as well as others just act as the fuel to make it go, along with a pile of other things.

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