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Thread: Secret little feminine things you do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen G View Post
    I shave my legs and the cleavege area, I also tuck and wear panties or thongs sometimes, I like using my wife's deodorant too, also my hair is really long.
    Ya pretty much this for me. If only they knew

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    I also shave my legs, chest and underarms almost daily I usually quit shaving my legs in March to prepare for the shorts season but have a couple outings planned for the next couple weeks so i might have to wait on the shorts this spring. Also I really enjoy getting pedicures I have built up a relationship with small salon and look forward to visiting them dressed some day soon. Definitely need to switch to women?s deodorant.

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    Crossing my legs in a femenine way.
    Leting my partner play with my manboobs

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    I?ve been using feminine shampoo and conditioner almost exclusively since like forever. I never thought much of it.

    Occasionally I?d freak out and wonder if people can smell my ?unmanly scent? but no one ever said anything. Probably can?t tell anyway but I was terrified of being asked.

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    the biggest thing is probably the shaving, specifically the leg used to be uncommon, but I think is going to become more common going forward...

    I wear pants most of the time, so most are none the wiser...however I'm trying to determine when "shorts season" is...and will probably stop shaving around this time every year (though I'll keep it up with the body hair...maybe, probably...I dunno. I'm still figuring it out.)

    I'm working under the assumption "shorts season" is effectively Memorial Day - Labor Day (Late May - Early September, for those not in the US). So I'm guessing I'm done shaving for the season...but come September-ish, all bets are off. I intend to stay "groomed" throughout the cozy months going forward. Was planning on doing it this past fall but I chickened out. that I've been more out with my wife about my dressing I think it's officially "game on"...

    I wish I had given it the time and dedication when I was younger...maybe it would've been motivation to not get so fat :\ (I would kill to get back under 200 lbs...just like, without having to give up beer )

    ...anyway, I digress...that's pretty much the biggest thing for me.
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    Here are some of mine!

    Wife bought me an Italian leather purse (man bag) that I take everywhere with me, fumbling around to find stuff just like a GG
    Gel pedicure with various colors through most of the year, clear polish while at the beach or during summer
    Clean shaven from head to toe, including some unmentionable areas..
    Eyebrows waxed and now I'm getting them arched
    Yoga pants or running tights even outside
    Crossing legs basically all the time now lol
    Women's deodorant
    Et Cetera

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