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Thread: Where do you go?

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    Deleted by Teresa.
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    When I work up the courage to venture out it's always the late-night car ride to nowhere. It's always been thrilling, but the last time I did it I got home and thought well, that's over, and I'm not completely satisfied. Felt like I had a little more courage left in the tank, sorta.

    On a few occasions I've been able to find a nice empty parking lot to pause in and get out but I found out that local law enforcement sometimes considers that suspicious, heh.

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    I have been meaning to type up a list of all the bars or clubs I have visited so here it is. Maybe it will be a help to someone looking
    for a place to dress up. I don't know where you live Charlotte, but maybe one of these is in visiting range. Some are a lot of fun.


    Clearwater FL * Quench Lounge - Decent bar with pool tables, clean bathrooms and people were friendly

    Denver CO Triangle Club - Decent mix of people, small dance area, fairly lively bar.

    Denver CO Blush and Blue - Designated a lesbian bar but I was well accepted by those at the bar the one night I visited. Met some nice women.

    Denver CO * Tracks Nightclub - Very lively dance club - lots of fun but no quiet areas so difficult to talk to people, Very accepting of dressers.

    El Paso TX Touch Lounge - Well decorated and and nice bar with nice drag show stage. Only visited once but highly recommended. Met another crossdresser there

    El Paso TX Chiquita's - Don't even bother

    El Paso TX Briar Patch - Not sure I would go back, in El Paso the Touch Lounge would be a better choice, but I was well treated at this bar.

    Ft Wayne IN After Dark - Now this is a large and fun club with drag shows and a dance floor featuring a large bird cage that maybe 5 or so people can dance in at a time. I met a couple of the drag queens and was introduced to one by a woman who was sitting next to me. One of the drag queens goes by the name of "Seven" and has a smaller than typical stature such that I had to do a double take to see if she was a drag queen or GG.

    Gainesville FL University Club - This is a college town club and when I visited I was well treated and had a lot of fun. Tons of women poured in for the drag show and a very pretty blonde GG offered to let me a drink out of her huge drink. It is amazing to have women warm up to me so easily. This club has 3 floors, so it is large. Highly recommended.

    Houston TX Guava - Mixed feelings about this club. Although I was well treated, it was mostly men and I like a mix of people at a club. The decor is decent and they had singers one of the nights who were quite good. I just prefer clubs that are not mostly men.

    Houston TX JRs Bar and Grill - This is a large sprawling bar. Again I was well treated, they had a drag show when I was there, but again this place was mostly men supposedly the owner is also the owner of a club called South Beach which is undergoing rennovations and I really wanted to go there. That was pre-covid so I have no idea if that club is ever going to reopen or not. I can't say I have a favorite club in Houston yet.

    Jacksonville FL Metro - Not that bad, but they allowed smoking which I do not like so I will probably will not return.

    Jacksonville FL Park Place Lounge - Small bar with what I suspect were mostly locals hanging out with friends. It is one of the few places I did not meet anyone but the bartender called me honey so I can say I was well treated. I might go back again if in that area.

    Knoxville TN Edge - Spent a lot of time here in 2017, my first bar to go to dressed. I made about 10 friends, half men , half women. When my work was done in this city, one of the female bartenders ran into the parking lot to give me a hug goodby. Allmost makes me teary eyed just to think about it Not a great place for dancing, but they have a very nice back outdoor area, and very descrete parking out back. This is a great place for a cross dresser to visit.

    Las Vegas NV Pirana - A very large and interesting popular club. Lots of dancing going on, but it was VERY crowded when I went and drinks were $28 each - very pricey. So it should have been more fun. It probably would have if not so crowded. There were herds of people streaming past me when I was seated. I did meet an interestding cross dresser there wearing something that looked more like plasic than fabric. Sounds weird but actually looked good.

    Las Vegas NV Phoenix - Seemed to be a nice group of people - probably more locals than tourists. It is a nice place to hang out and meet people.

    Nashville TN Lipstick Lounge - Nice club but quite small and crowded - would be better if the place were larger.

    Ocala FL The Copa Lounge - Don't bother. Smoking allowed and mostly empty when I went.

    Ogunquit ME Maine Street Bar - Nice little bar just North of Portsmouth NH. People were friendly. Just a bar with some pool tables , etc.

    Raleigh NC Legends - One of my favorites. Large sprawling complex. Mulitple bars, Sexy looking women. Dance floor area was OK, but small. They have a cool secret bar room with a prohibition them. You have to know where to knock to get in. I like this place a lot. A Holiday inn is walking distance 1 block away.

    Richmond VA Babes of Carytown - I was not too impressed but went on a slow week night. Might be an OK place on weekends. They had Karioki when I was there - not really my thing.

    Savannah GA Club One - Wonderful place on weekends especially during tourist season (summer). Large club - 3 floors. Home of the famous but now deceased Lady Chablis drag queen who was in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. One of my favorite clubs.

    St Louis MO Rehab Bar - Great bar in an area with a number of LGBT spots to visit. I met some very nice people and got a number of friendly hugs from women and men.

    Tampa FL * The Castle - I visited there twice recently and what a blast, Very interesting place for people watching. Very well accepted here, but FYI most people wear black or some kind of costume. Really interesting place to visit.

    * recently visited, all others were pre-covid visits so I do not know the current status of those.
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    Depends on how well you pass. I seem to pass most times so I have been to many retail stores, restaurants, bars, etc., as well as just walking around the downtown area of Athens GA. Also many of the same in Atlanta. The few times that I was “made” I was still treated with respect and dignity. I have also been hit on by several men but wear a female wedding band set to let them know I am spoken for.

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