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    Thank you to all reading your post for so long it is truly inspiring . Using that information I went for my ride wearing a blouse and skirt stop at a store and I went in just a soda and out but when I went in the employees were so nice I got a cart and went down every Isle very relaxed if not for you ladies it would of never happened thank you all I feel so impowered

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    That is great, Sara shopping enfemme is so amazing!!
    Femmimic (noun) - One who copies or closely imitates females of the species, especially in speech, expression, gesture and attire:

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    Like you, I benefited from reading about the exploits of others and it helped me no end.

    Once you cross that threshold, take those first steps it not only gets easier but also more enjoyable. Shopping for clothes takes it to a new level especially if you're prepared to try on in store. Buying things you know fit and look good on you, the mirror never lies right, is so satisfying and exciting at the same time.

    So, what's your plans for your upcoming sorties?

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    Well Helen today I plan to go to bath and body works in the mall and then to Macy's and spend time an money on Sara Fuller picking out my dress now oh I'm starting to like this

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    I always thought that going out for the first time was like the beginning of the movie "The Wizard of Oz". If you recall, the movie starts out in Kansas in Black and White. Then there's the tornado and Dorothy and Toto end up in Oz in Technicolor. The first thing Dorothy says is, "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas".

    You're not in Kansas anymore. Enjoy Oz (in technicolor).
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    I totally agree with Helen. She has nailed my sentiments exactly. Go forth and never look back.

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    Congratulations. It is really exciting is it not? I have been going out periodically for almost 5 years now and it is still a thill, but the first few times are special.


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    Sara, So glad to hear that your adventure out was successful.
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