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Thread: How Does Face App Work, really?

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    How Does Face App Work, really?

    The other day I came across my High School senior photo, nice color shot -- one of the last of me clean shaven. I scanned it into a digital format and loaded it into Face App. At last, I might get an accurate representation of what I might look like if I shaved and feminized. Imagine my shock at the results of the gender change feature. Except for long hair and longer eyelashes, I looked the same. I wonder what face app really does. Or does it mean that, at least at 18 yrs old, I already have a feminine face. Now I am really wondering what I would look like. Maybe in the fall I might push the issue.

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    I’m not 100% on this but I believe it works by searching a database of opposite gender photos, finds the one that is closest to your own metrics, and hybridizes the photos. I could be wrong on this though.

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    The FBI thinks it's a Russian counter intelligence threat.... maybe trying to feminize the enemy male so that they can't fight back in a war? Might be working. Probably what Micki said... or magic!
    Femmimic (noun) - One who copies or closely imitates females of the species, especially in speech, expression, gesture and attire:

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    Don't trust anything that it shows you. The subtle brow lifts, widening of the eyes, slimming of the face, rounding of features etc are surgical or impossible changes.

    Even if you simply press the shaved and makeup filters it still alters your face and doesn't give a true reflection.

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