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    Heels at work?

    In a twist of fate, I've been working under supervision of my stepson on a large construction site. The general contractor has been very strict (as they have to be) with enforcement of protective clothing rules, including steel-toed shoes, hard hats, safety glasses, high-vis shirts, etc.

    The building is nearing completion and the owner has begun moving their staff and equipment in. The port-a-pots have been removed, and we are tacitly using the indoor plumbing now. We have seen an influx of staff tending more female, wearing pink hard hats or none at all, form-fitting clothing, and even some in high heels. The presence of folks in civvies is kind of a joke to those of us who still have to wear the construction-site garb.

    My boss has switched from safety shoes (which are weighty) to regular sneakers and remarked that his legs feel a lot less tired at the end of the day now that he's no longer wearing the ankle weights all day. I admitted to noticing the same and said "Gee, maybe I'll start wearing heels now!" His reply was "Please don't". I answered "Hey, cowboy boots have heels!"

    I am not out to him, my dressing has ramped up only since he and his sister moved out. So I doubt that he is aware of it. But I'm sure that he wouldn't put it past me to pull such a stunt.
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    Reminds me of when I told my supervisor ( no relation). If I ever get sent home to change I'll come back wearing a skirt. I normally wore shorts as my position was allowed while others were not. But the discussed changing that. Skirts were allowed throughout. He kind if laughed and said maybe I will send you home just to see that. I almost wore a skirt the following day just because. I do kind of regret not doing so but I was not out then. When I worked for pizza hut the person doing my paperwork at hiring time said I could wear pants or a skirt If that was my thing in the position I got. Also never wore a skirt there.

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    A group of us had just left a meeting.... After seeing a woman walk by wearing leopard skin heels, our VP turned to me and said that he did not want to see me wearing those type heels to work! Everyone laughed. Pretty sure he was serious and most likely knew. We are still good friends after we both retired.

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    In Canada, we have CSA approved Green Triangle shoes that meet the same toe protection standards as similarly approved steel toes. Satisfied customer testimony: they are significantly lighter than the steel toed shoes. The public is entitled to assume these non-metallic shoes are interchangeable with the steel toes.

    I expect that other testing and approval agencies have equivalent standards and markings.

    I would never wear heels at work, and especially not on a factory floor or construction site, even if they were agency approved safety shoes.

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    Years ago it was common that women had to wear heals for work. Women who were real estate agents would ruin shoes repeatedly walking on the grass. Lots of shoes only lasted 1 day.

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    How do u ruin heels walking on grass, Liz? I wear hi spike heels on lawns all the time. They sink in and u have to be careful not to fall, but the dirt wipes rite off.
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    Hi Bobbi Kay, You may start a new trend on the construction site, >Orchid**00**
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    There are more-efficient ways to aerate a lawn.

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