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Thread: You look cute in Panties

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    You look cute in Panties

    My Significant Other told me so a few days ago, I had woke up earlier and making coffee was wearing only a Panty, a really nice one and surprise!!, A few years ago I wasn't so brave to be lounging around my home, I have so many Panties now, I have been wearing them 24/7. I probably have about 65 Panties. Lol.
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    Bruce, My wife has commented positively on mine from time to time. It's a nice feeling.
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    It's a great feeling when ever you get a compliment, even better when it comes from some one you love.

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    I get compliments about my clothing from people in the mall.

    Yes it is a great feeling being complimented by others.
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    Complements are always wonderful to receive. You are so fortunate to receive on from your wife.
    - Robin

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    That would be really nice to have that level of acceptance. That is really all I wanted before I went underground with the full dressing. My wife?s response was to throw the yogurt she was eating all over the carpet when I tried wearing some in front of her. I tried anyhow.

    I am glad it is working for you : )


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    Oooh. So Sweet!
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    all i wear is panties my gf is 100 supportive with it

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    As with Sandi (#6) I tried to get my wife's approval of my cross dressing by asking for some panties for my birthday. In hindsight I suppose I was feeling, if my wife was accepting, then that would be an affirmation of my feelings. We got as far as the panty racks at Mervyn's department store. It was traumatizing for her. She was shaking like a leaf. It was a total disaster. If I remember correctly we did buy several pairs of panties, but the experience was not what I had hoped for. I came to the conclusion that my "pushing" was nothing more than mental spousal abuse. That was some time in the early 1980's. Since then I have been on my own; a total DADT marriage. Panties? I have hundreds.

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    My wife tell me that I have nicer panties than her.

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    I tried on a couple of pairs of my wife's panties when I first considered the idea that I might like to start wearing them. There were only a couple of pair that almost fit me, the most memorable being a pair of lace string bikinis. When I worked up the courage to tell her, I modeled the strings for her. I was surprised that there seemed to be a positive reaction from her.

    The next week we went to a local department store and she had me browse the men's department while she found some panties that she might be able to handle. The selection she chose was actually sexier than I'd have imagined her picking for me. The overall experience was good. I've culled probably 125 pairs

    What came as a surprise to me is that she always made positive comments about me in strings, lace and otherwise, but seemed to be bothered by briefs and high-cut panties. And, bows were not appreciated at all for some time. She was fairly insistent that i cut any bows off and I just left them on and was more discrete about letting her see me in those. Now, bows are virtually invisible.

    It's been a decade now and it's nothing for me to wear panties and t shirt around the house. She compliments my choices fairly regularly and I take her compliments as being genuine and not just trying to be supportive. I feel very fortunate in that respect.
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    My gf loves me in panties.

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