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Thread: Should men be allowed to wear dresses and skirts.

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    Well I will not repeat what others have said.
    But it is complicated .
    The reasons stated are good but do not forget the The average person never is in contact with a crossdresser so it seems /diffent, out of the norm ,maybe scary because they are not informed, involved.
    Remember some that are secret, closeted crossdressers does not help this situation ....this will take a long time to change people perspective. I wish more were open, proud embrace themselves..
    Yes things are changing but it being a secret hidden does not help things IMHO.

    ( not saying you are closeted I do not know) but stating this does not help as many are.
    YES you are of course allowed, probably only in a few countries is it Not.
    Wear what you want .
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    As long as you're willing to put up with the potential consequences of being seen as a man wearing women's clothing, then go right ahead!

    Stay safe, though. Be prepared for the potential jerk who wants to demonstrate just how much of a man he is, by getting in a fight and beating up the sissy. Doesn't matter if you can take him, just getting into a fight in public is enough to get both of you arrested, and you probably don't want to be in jail overnight while wearing a dress. You might just make the local newspapers, too.
    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Georgina View Post
    Do many on here agree that men should be able to wear the same clothes as women and vice versa? I ask because of comments about MIADs and statements like wearing a dress makes me feel like a woman.
    In most western countries men are allowed to women's clothes, so I have to ask... What is it that you are really asking?
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    The only limitations on what we wear are those we put on ourselves.

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    I think Brenn is correct.

    Men are "allowed". Whether or not they want to wear dresses and skirts is up to them.

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    I think any man woman boy or girl should wear whatever they want, and people should just worry about their own clothes.

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    To Aunt Kelly: I think Georgina wasn't talking about the legal aspect but about social acceptance. While the first one is granted in Western countries the same can't be told about the latter. Otherwise no CDer would be in the closet.

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    What I was trying to find out was the thoughts of individual forum members.

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    Ii do not think masculine men should wear dresses or skirts. Throughout history, the female has always differentiated themselves from males in their clothing, I think culturally masculine males should not. That being said, however, if a male?s desire is to represent himself as culturally feminine, then it is a must that she represents the image that she desires.

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    I tried a rather long answer, but didn't like it, so I'll try a shorter one.

    I like that there are things that are considered feminine wear, such as skirts and dresses.
    If I cared enough, I might mourn the lack of "masculine only" wear. But I really don't.

    That said, I don't see the need for all the hubbub surrounding who should wear what.
    both men and women can go day-to-day, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Big whoop.
    If a woman wants to "feel pretty" she'll put on something to reflect that, maybe a skirt or dress. Shouldn't a man, if he feels the desire, also be allowed to put on something feminine too?
    Why must that be viewed as something negative?

    I. Just. Don't. Get it.

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    Yes, of course. People should be able to wear what ever they prefer in clothing.
    I'm not a MIAD and don't ever want to be one or be seen as one. What others do is up to them. Just let me be the woman I love to be.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    Quote Originally Posted by JulieC View Post
    This. Even if you look back at photographs from the late 1800s, apart from some minor changes, men's suits/formal attire is essentially the same. About the biggest difference we might expect is a change in the number of buttons. Oh my!
    I would also say the width of the lapels an the width of the ties.

    I speculate that one of the first things people want to know is friend or foe. The next thing may be male or female. If one is seen with mixed M/F appearance, the brain may go into gridlock.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    Should men be allowed to wear dresses and skirts? YES!
    Women wear trousers ...

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    Hello I am new here, but read the above and I say yes. I think that alle the styles of clothing are "crossing" the genders. It still may not be mainstream but let us wait and may it will be just normal mainstream clothing for a guy one day.

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    I wear skirts and girly top everyday as i please. nobody else business but me.

    have a great day
    Wanting something is a fantasy which on a long time period clouds your mind and makes you think you need it.


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    Yes, of course I think men should be allowed to wear dresses and skirts if we choose to..... I mean, women can wear whatever they want and nobody bats an eye at it. LOL I say wear whatever you're comfortable wearing and be happy!
    I may be crazy, but I'm BURIED in your memory!

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    Due to my advanced age I can recall when it was against the laws every where for a man to wear any viewable of female clothing! But to me the need to dress overcame the fear of being caught. And thankfully I never was. So yes males can and do wear dresses,skirts,etc. even in the southern states legally! But there are still some who don't like it. Which includes wives I've known and rednecks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karren Hutton View Post
    Hell no! Men should not be allowed to wear women's clothing!!! If everyone started wearing dresses it would take away from the special gift we have! And ruin the excitement.... not to say totally destroy the femininity of female clothing for good! Vote NO!!!!
    I Totally Agree, >Orchid**OO**
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    Deleted by Teresa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karren Hutton View Post
    Hell no! Men should not be allowed to wear womens clothing!!! If everyone started wearing dresses it would take away from the special gift we have! And ruin the excitement.... not to say totally destroy the femininity of female clothing for good! Vote NO!!!!
    This reminds me of a thought I've long held; I really don't want to buy a man-skirt, or a man-dress, or mantyhose, or man-heels, or anything else that's typically feminine attire that is made for men. I dress in feminine clothes because I feel a strong need to dress as a woman. Wearing clothes designed for men misses the point.

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    I saw a man in a dress yesterday at a construction salvage place in Pittsburgh... He was with his mother.... No hair, no makeup, no jewelry.... not feminine at all.... He didn't look so hot either!

    I thought his dress was way too fancy for that store.... and the shoes were all wrong! I mean good for him but I don't get it......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Georgina View Post
    What I was trying to find out was the thoughts of individual forum members.
    In my own personal opinion, which I apply to myself only: I think there is clothing like dresses, skirts, shoes, nylons, etc. that are women's clothing and, if I want to wear them, I should try to look like a woman. (Which, incidentally, I think is loads of fun!).

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    Two thoughts. 1 Who’s stopping them? I’ve seen men wearing skirts with no attempt to look feminine.
    2 Skirts are ten times more comfortable than pants. If the "I'll look like a girl" stigma were removed, men would wear skirts all the time.

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    Last week I was driving down the road in traffic and saw a man walking on the sidewalk. He was wearing a dress that almost looked like a kilt on top but had flowing skirts below. He was obviously a MIAD and showed no concern for what anyone might think. He seemed confident in who he was. If not for the traffic, I might have stopped and talked to him and let him know his little part in changing culture was appreciated.

    On the other hand, he might have been one of us closeted dressers taking his first venture out into the world and was as frightened as we would be. If so, he sure picked a strange place to step out.

    Either way, well done young man, well done.

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    I'll chime in on this thread. A man or woman can, as far as I know wear anything they want with or without makeup. There is no law. Now whether they will be accepted is another story but usually no one cares. A man in a dress might get a comment and a snicker, maybe. They might get a funny look as some one passes them by. Same for a woman trying to pass as a man but less so I think. We have all seen women with a mans hair cut. They are out being comfortable.

    Me as a crossdresser/transvestite, I like to wear women's cloths and attempt to pass a woman. wig makeup, etc. Whether that happens or not is another story, but I have never really had any bad comments and I have been out a lot and I have been clocked probably a lot also I remember one time I was out cruising the mall passing fine in my mind a girl walked by me and whispered that I looked great and I had a right to be out dressed as I want. She did pop my bubble LOL but I still had a good time shopping and being fem for a day.

    Of course dress in either gander should appropriate for the location and function, but if it isn't, as long as your junk isn't hanging out you probably won't get hassled. For sure some, Oh wow, looks and a weird statements. But really NO ONE CARES get out enjoy yourself HAVE FUN and the heck everyone else.

    It is our own hang ups that make it tough to get out, I suffer from them too every time a I dress it is tough especially if I haven't been out in a while but after a few hours, no problem and I am sure I am getting read. My makeup might not be perfect but my money is green So get if you don't want to wear a wig don't, If you want triple G boobs have at it, You will get noticed but a Cis woman would too. Mostly have fun no one is going to beat you up as always be aware of your surroundings. HAVE FUN

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