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Thread: When your wife puts on a fancy Dress does she have a sense of what you thinking ?

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    When your wife puts on a fancy Dress does she have a sense of what you thinking ?

    When your wife puts on a fancy Dress for an nice event or wedding do you think it crosses her mind at all what you are thinking ?

    For those of you in supportive marriages, does you wife tease you abit knowing you would gladly don her pretty dress and heels or do you bring up the subject ?

    I assume the subject never comes up for those of us in DADT relationships ? I just wonder if it crosses her mind ?

    How do you handle Dress shopping for fancy events, would she even think of having you come along ? Any fun stories come out of those events ?

    Experiences and or thoughts ?


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    OK, let me cover this in order.

    No my wife never teases me when she dresses up. I'd love for her to banter back and forth about what she is wearing and my wanting to look the same. Alas, it's not to be. I don't think she gives it a thought.

    While I'm not in a DADT relationship those topics are never or very rarely discussed. I bring the subject up 9 times out of 10 but I have learned she isn't interested and quickly wind up dropping the subject.

    Surprisingly YES, I do come with her when she dress shops for fancy or important events. At our age it's becoming mainly funerals. She has told me she values my judgment on what does or does not look good on her. However; I can't recall an instance where she quips about my wearing the dress.

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    Well, first off I don't fit into my wife's clothing, she is tiny, but sometimes when we are going out she will I bet you wish it was you in the dress. Often she will say something when we see a woman walk by in a beautiful dress. One day she mentioned how beautiful this woman was. I agreed, but told her I just wanted her dress, but I don't think it would look that great on me! It had gone the other way and she has asked me what I thought of a dress and bet that I would love to have one like it. One party we were at everyone was dressed to the nine's. She mentioned it must be pure hell to see all these sexy party dresses and show up in a suit and tie.
    Some days while shopping we will roam through the dress department and see if there is anything we like.

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    Pretty sure my wife does not dress up for that exact reason! So I won?t be tempted! Too late for that! Lol.

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    Mine is not very supportive of crossdressing, but we attended a wedding recently, and after at the hotel, she let me try on her dress (and bra) in the hotel room afterwards. I guess she does know what I am thinking when I see her in a pretty dress!

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    My wife doesn't tease me, but she has on the odd occasion bought something that she already has, but in my size.

    My wife likes me to come along when she shops. She knows I don't mind shopping, and I'm willing to give her an absolute truthful opinion. We have 100% open communication, and I can tell her if something looks bad on her without winding up in the dog house.

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    Yes, she surely knows what I'm thinking if she's dressing for a fancy event.
    We kid about it. I'll ask if she wants to borrow one of mine, or if she wants me to do her makeup, or maybe that we'd look really good together if I wore a particular dress of mine. Then maybe she'll ask to borrow a certain shade of stockings to go with the outfit. We do that all the time.

    She wouldn't tease me about wearing her dress, but she will tease me about what panties I'm wearing and will they go with her dress or something like that.

    As for dress shopping I always go with her. I share my opinion willingly and she accepts it. I always want her to look her best. She will of course ask if I think the one she's trying would look good on me as well.

    We share everything since she's aware and fully accepting and it's added an extra dimension to our relationship.
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    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    well, sticky subject. In my mind I look at almost every woman and decide if I would like to wear her outfit and how I would look in it.

    I asked my wife if she wanted to go to Vegas to see the LOVE show. I said we could both wear little black dresses and look great. It bombed. I said it would be my birthday present. Double bomb.

    But other times she teases me a lot and counts my clothes and shoes. I think there is a slow acceptance happening but it is not the kind I was hoping for.

    I think she does know what I am thinking and she is currently asking my opinion her outfits almost daily and I like that very much.

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    My wife seldom wears dresses. Even when she does, I hardly think she is considering what I am thinking. This even though she is encouraging with regards to my dressing.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    In the 23 years my wife and I have been together I can count on the number of times she has worn a dress on less than one hand.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    After some events and my wife knows I would love to get a hold of the dress she's wearing. She will tell me that I know the "can't be seen again wearing the same dress" and she'll tell me "after tonight if you want it, it's yours". She doesn't even say the dress because she knows right away I know what she's talking about.
    On some occasions she will ask me if I would prefer to be wearing what she's wearing, I guess that's a tease.

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    Not out to my wife so no discussion or comments she did however buy a dress from Macys for a wedding last year that I had looked at she is 2 sizes smaller than me so I wont be trying it on but I did love the style. She definitely knows how much I enjoy seeing her in a dress I often wonder how much she knows about my desire for womens clothing she is a smart lady.

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    My girlfriend teases me all the time about crossdressing. But as almost 1/3 of our relationship has been under COVID we didnt have many fancy dressing opportunities. Almost every day she complains about how much she miss the nights out. During this time we kept buying clothes, outfits and shoes as normal and for sure it became part of the fun together.

    One thing she teases me a lot is telling me to put a miniskirt and heels to go run errands. Like it was that simple.

    I?ll update this post in the future as we all get more chances of fancy events!

    PS. Last week we bought this dress for her and since their largest size didnt fit my shoulders, we bought me the miniskirt. I would love suggestions of top to match with this miniskirt.


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    Robbiegirl, I think your assumptions are probably correct in general. But my wife and I are in our mid 70's and retired and dressing up fancy is not really something that we do except on really unusual situations. Can't even remember the last time, but then I can't remember yesterday either. That is a problem at 76.

    She knows about Gretchen and seems to be more accepting of her, but has never met her and doesn't really want to. "I can't unsee that," she says. It is limiting, but that's fine. After 52 years of marriage you kind of get that way. It is just normal life after that long.

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    My wife and I shop together all the time. My wife has many dresses and she often looks for outfits (dress, top, pants, shoes) that she thinks will look good on me. Having said that she knows our taste in clothing differ. I have many times been in a store with my wife when she picks up an item and holds it up to me and announces "this would look so cute on you". So to answer the question I do not think my wife wears anything to get get a sense of what I am thinking. She always seems to know what I am thinking always.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    After my wife and I had "The Talk" she told me NOT to buy her anymore lingerie because she said I bought nighties thinking how I would look in them. The only time in recent memory my wife has worn a dress has been post operative abdominal surgery so there would be not pressure on her surgical area. For so long she was so deep into her DADT fantasy world that all she wore was a basic white cotton brief. Just recently when I was with her at a retail store she finally broke down and bought some cotton brief with colors and patterns! Whoopie! There is something more than basic white! Yeah!

    I really don't know what goes through her mind anymore. Both of us do our own laundry; under and outer wear. I understand she does not want me wrecking her clothes by washing them in too hot water or throwing everything in the dryer. We had a falling out about doing the laundry when I told her to let me fold the clothes out of the dryer. I did not need her help. She was breaking away from something she was doing, while I had absolutely nothing else to do during the deep Covid-19 lock down. Sometimes I just want to drag out the time it takes to do something because there is nothing else to do. Now, she has banned me from even washing her athletic white socks with my socks. I can't figure it out. There was nothing alluring about her socks or basic white cotton undies.

    I think if my wife has a image of me wearing one of her dresses she'd be laughing her ass off.

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    My wife says she won't wear a dress for me since I told her about my interest in CD-ing! ARRRRRRRRRRRR
    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
    Much more fun than fishing.
    I do construction like house building and I love CD-ing, what's the difference?

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    I barely have a sense of what I'm thinking. My spouse likes to dress up pretty, but has put on a lot of weight in the last 10 years. Down side is that her figure doesn't excite my imagination like it used to. Plus side is that I could fit into her current clothes, the dresses showing a lot more leg for me. I like to whistle at her legs when she does show them. Wardrobe suggestions I have given her are based more on observation than experience, though.

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    I am a 67yo single, never had a SO or wife. I can only recall decades ago, when i had some dates, or danced with some women at singles dances, or see my mom put on a dress. For decades, it is just me occasionally putting gorgeous dresses on!
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    My wife doesn't tease me, however I know she knows what I'm thinking. Very often when she is dressing I'll pull out one of my dresses and say I think I'll wear this. She loves when she is shopping for a dress when I come along, she says I have very good taste. and I know her style.

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    My wife has teased me saying "bet you wish you were wearing this" when dressing for a special event.Some times she'll flash her freshly painted nails at me.Not to be mean just a little tease.
    If I knew where it was going to take me I probably would have put my mother's panties back.

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    Robbie, my wife certainly used to know what I thought when she put a nice skirt and hose, since I can be very demonstrative in these instances. But since I revealed my CDing to her, she has more mixed feelings and wonders if instead of jumping in her pants I may instead want to wear them. But it is not so. My wife isn't a CD fantasy object for me. When I see her in a nice attire I simply like what I see as the boy who fell in love with that girl. I sincerely hope to convince her that this is still true even after the coming out.

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