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Thread: Fetish

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    i like to put on my bra , breast forms , panties and skirt most days, love not to wear stockings because of able to rub shaved legs , a fetish i guess. I go sit on the patio and gazebo to enjoy the feeling of the air under the skirt

    Wanting something is a fantasy which on a long time period clouds your mind and makes you think you need it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by docrobbysherry View Post
    After all the above comments I think we can agree that fetish means sexual, in some form or another, if nothing else, Paulie!
    I do not agree. Yes, more often than not, in the context of discussion on this forum, the sexual component is present, but conventional definition is a bit more inclusive...
    "Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones."
    -- John Lennon

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    I looked up the definition of "fetish":

    "a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing..."

    Like some (many?), in the beginning my desire to wear women's clothing was very sexual. So by the definition, yes it was a fetish - gratification was linked to wearing a bra, leotards, etc.

    As time went on, I changed. I began to be fascinated by stories of men being suddenly and unexpectedly transformed and living as a woman, especially through magic. I fantasized about being such a man being transformed and living as a woman. This was during the time when I stopped cross dressing because I was ashamed of it, especially the sexual aspect of it.

    After quite some time I started cross dressing again. Yes, it was still partly sexual. But part of it is the desire to be a woman.

    And now? It is still sometimes sexual. I do sometimes get turned on by seeing myself dressed. Autogynephilia is the general term. But every night I wear something feminine to bed and I don't get turned on. And when I underdress, it is because I want to feel feminine during the day, not to be turned on.

    So I'm somewhere in the middle. It isn't all sexual or a fetish. But I would be lying if I said there wasn't a sexual aspect to my cross dressing.

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    Crossdressing is classed as a parphillia and on the scale of what is considered the normal range of sexuality.

    Fetishism is very specific, attached to an item, including items you'd never think of as sexually alluring, or act (BDSM).

    Is crossdressing fetishism? I guess it's a personal opinion. But looking at the two threads on this, I see a range of answers.

    Some items of clothing may well cause arousal, some not. I admit I like stockings and garter / suspender belts and find them sexy (on women as well as me), but I also have practical reasons in that tights / pantyhose are clammy and uncomfortable around the crotch for me - hold-ups dig into my legs. But would we find those items arousing on women as on ourselves?

    My start was seeing how items of clothing looked on women and wondering how they'd look and feel on myself. That unlocked it for me. I think many can relate to that statement.

    At that stage, as a teenager just about anything gets you going so I think you need to take the teenage years with a pinch of salt. Looking at others, some started before puberty so how are they fetishists?

    After teenage years, is it linked in with sexual arousal? It can be it's easier to become sexually aroused under the right situations and that might include crossdressing (noting women dressed up can find it easier to become aroused too). But crossdressing doesn't necessarily cause arousal (same with women dressed up) and I can continue to function dressed up without the act being all consuming or even my mind thinking about being dressed when I'm doing something else. I can be aware of being dressed while concentrating on something else, while concentrating on something else and it not get in the way.

    This is where I see a big difference with fetishism. With full-on fetishists (and this includes women), it's all about the act when engaged in it. Fetishists from what I see are not engaged in other activities except perhaps acts that help act out the fantasy while engaged (an example, dressed as maids and doing nominal domestic duties - not me before you ask - just an example). They're not functionally engaged in outside or unrelated acts.

    There may be some crossover or fuzziness at the boundary, especially in instances where you might dress up with the intention of committing a (consensual) sexual act. But do I dress up normally with that specific intention?

    The answer is no. It's a compulsive act though enjoyable one as it makes me feel better about myself. And as I've already said, I'm continuing to function as a human being and the act does not stop me functioning. So to me, it's not a fetish. Certain items (stockings for example as already said) as said may be sexier than others, but that's a brief thought while getting changed in or out of female clothes. Once dressed or undressed, that is not the focus of my thoughts.

    If women's clothes, especially dressier ones were a fetish, then I'd expect some women to be having similar issues.

    How can the same items become a fetish simply because a member of the opposite sex is wearing what is not normally expected of their birth sex?

    To summarise, I dress up because I need and like to, but not normally or specifically for it to be a sexual act.

    That's as honest as I can be.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BaliGirl View Post
    So I'm somewhere in the middle. It isn't all sexual or a fetish. But I would be lying if I said there wasn't a sexual aspect to my cross dressing.
    This is me. When I put on a nightgown, chemise or some stockings I am definitely aroused but even after that wears off I will keep the clothes on because I enjoy them. I?ll wear panties to work or women?s jeans when I?m out and about. (Wish I had the confidence to wear a blouse out)

    So while I may get excited initially when putting clothes on I can also wear them without being in a sexual mood.

    I?ll wear a nightgown to bed most nights and will def be aroused but will sleep in them and waking up in one is very nice!

    Wen my wife and I are intimate I?ll often have an outfit on. She fully accepts my wearing which make that time very special. Which of course arouses me. She?ll usually have something on as well but sometimes it?s just me wearing, which is very exciting.

    So I?d say I?m in the middle somewhere. I find it unbelievably sexy to wear women?s clothes but also enjoy them as clothes because they feel right on me. The women in the ads/catalogs looks so beautiful and I feel like I can capture some of that when wearing the same thing-probably sounds silly :-)

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    After 50 years I must admit it is still a very strong fetish along with a long list of more reasons. But there is no reason to be ashamed to admit it is a fetish. I am and always will be heterosexual but there is no reason to be ashamed of that either, it is what it is.
    It's worth something just being around to Fuss!

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