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Thread: Touchy situation

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    Touchy situation

    Last Sunday was Fathers Day and we had our family over for lunch, it was a hot day and the drinks were flowing like water. At one point I went inside to make another batch of drinks and I heard someone came in after me. It was my sister in law that I tried on a dress and almost had a heart attack at her house.
    She walked up to me and did a spin and she asked me if I liked her dress and she said she noticed I was eyeing it and she was sure I would love to try it on. She then bent down and felt my legs and said the dress will look amazing with me long smooth legs.
    I stood there frozen, even though we both had a good amount of alcohol in us I was aware enough to realize I was in dangerous family situation. She then grabbed my hand and was pulling me towards the basement and I could try on the dress down there.
    I pulled my hand from her and now I have to watch my choice of words because to my wife family is very important to her and I don't want to say something that may affend her.
    I told her we both had a lot to drink and it's very hot outside and we are not thinking straight at this moment and maybe she should go back outside before the family thinks something is going on between us especially her husband. We stood there for a moment and then she walked by me and gave me a wink. I thought I handled that pretty good considering I thought I would never have to deal with something like that in my life.
    After everyone left my wife who sees everything asked me what I was talking to her sister about, I told her what had happened and she was very upset with her sister for doing that and she shouldn't have put me in that situation.
    I never thought I would have to deal with something like this in my life, as much as I would have loved to try on that dress I believe I did the right thing. More interesting life experiences in our crossdressing life.

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    You absolutely did the right thing. Such a situation can go so horribly, horribly wrong. Your wife also has absolute proof you are completely honest with her for telling her what happened, and not obfuscating the situation out of fear of her reaction.

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    Your in law had a few drinks and is clearly turned on by what she sees as your kink. I'm pretty sure that she would have taken the dress off in the basement but it would not have made its way onto you. 😂 People do and say dumb or inappropriate things all the time when drinking. Don't be alone with her the next time you break out the alcohol. Problem solved. And don't let this minor thing create a huge rift between sisters.

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    The situation could be viewed in two ways; your SIL was coming onto you or your SIL really wanted to see you wear her dress as she knows about your "kink." Either way alcohol consumption probably lessened her inhibitions. I hope your with thinks it was an interest in your cross dressing and not a sexual flirtation. It would be interesting to see if she actually remembers the incident when she sobers up. If I was in your heels I would ask her, when sober, if she recalls the incident. She may be totally embarrassed if she does not which would be a reminder to watch her alcohol consumption.

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    You definitely did the right thing. I recall the earlier episode with your sister?and that was past the borderline. Had you followed the same path, this family gathering could have been very bad for everyone.

    Now, looking ahead?your wife, sister and if I recall correctly, MIL, all are aware of your hobby. Seems like if there is to be peace and harmony, the four of you need to reach consensus about when, where and how to share this part of yourself.
    Our only truth is narrative truth, the stories we tell each other and ourselves, the stories we continually recategorize and refine. Such subjectivity is built into the very nature of memory. Oliver Sacks

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    Your sister in law was interested in seeing more than the dress. Are you aware of any marriage problems? The crossdressing apparently pushes some of her buttons. I would be careful around that one unless you are one to throw common sense to the wind.

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    I feel your concerns in this manner and these things do happen.
    Bringing this experience to out as a thread is a good way for others to realize the scenarios you can get into when "being open", about CDing, to others.
    What would you do? For me, I would have done the same, even if she looked like a fashion model as I value family over all.
    It's good to hear the booze didn't obstruct your common sense and it denied the what if scenario in her thoughts.
    I am sure your wife is going to have a few words with her sister, in private.
    Candice Coleen Kowal ....all my friends call me Candy!

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    Maria, rather than u and everyone here guessing what got into your SIL? Why not invite her over? then, u and your wife can get to the bottom of it?

    U can also explain your inhibitions and necessary privacy regarding your dressing. And, your SO may set some rules and limits?
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    I like Sherry Springer’s suggestion, I’m absolutely certain that would go off without a hitch!

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    I might have left out the part about being invited to the basement (when you told your wife what was going on).

    There is now a definite rivalry between them, and that might not heal. Also, your SIL may feel guilty and angry, and her "version" of the story to her husband might be "he wanted to go to the basement and try on my dress".

    This is a total no-win situation for you, and I'm sorry it happened to you. I think you behaved very well indeed, considering your brain was only working at half capacity due to the alcohol.
    In situations like this I try to leave the guilty party plausible deniability. It prevents creating a new enemy.

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    You definitely did the right thing.
    So I like dressing like girl. BIG DEAL!

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    Did the right thing but it very well could come back to bite at a later date. Seems that what was right could very well be and insult and rejection to your SIL. Hopefully it wont come to that and your wife can handle it all with out any repercussions.
    It's worth something just being around to Fuss!

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    Just because the SIL was interested in seeing you in the dress it doesn't mean that she's interested in you sexually, nor you in her. It just means she was curious about seeing you in the dress--and you were curious about seeing you in the dress.

    Just pick another time--one when alcohol isn't involved (or maybe you can), where it's just you, your wife, and the SIL. You can try the dress on in private, without others seeing you, or others being suspicious about what was happening in the basement.

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    That was the pinnacle of inappropriate on her part. She might have well invite you to a No Tell Motel. You handled it perfectly and so did your wife. Too bad about the dress. It probably would have looked amazing on you.

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