My first bra that wasn’t a quick on and off as the result of truth or dare with my sisters was a friend’s mom’s when I was 11. I used to be over at his house all the time after school and over the summers and they treated me like one of their own kids. We were sitting there eating chips and watching cartoons one day and his mom came out of her room and over to the hall closet. I was sitting in a chair right at the entrance to the hallway so when she walked out I looked down the hall, she was wearing a pair of jeans, no shirt and a bra (beige with lace on the cups) I just stared. She didn’t see me in the chair as she grabbed some tp out of the closet, closed the door and walked back to her room.

I had seen her in her bra and panties a few times over the years, little quick views as we would walk by her door on the way to my friend’s room and I had seen her bras drying on the shower rod and had watched her fold her panties countless times when she was doing laundry. The same was true at my house when my mom and sisters did their laundry or walked around in bra and panties, seeing someone in a bra was nothing new. But that day for whatever reason I couldn’t look away from her bra.

A few days later we were out in their backyard playing after school and I had to run in to use the restroom. My friend stayed outside and his mom was over at the next door neighbor’s house … so I walked back to his moms room, looked up the hall again and then went into their room and looked out the window, my friend was still over in the corner of the backyard so I went over to the dresser, opened the top drawers and found her bra and panty drawers. I looked outside again and then looked in the bra drawer … there it was, a beige bra with lace on the cups.

I had a sudden NEED to try it on, I had to see what it felt like so I grabbed the bra and closed the drawer went to close the panty drawer and again had a sudden urge to try them as well so I grabbed a blue pair off the top, closed the drawer and ran to the hall bathroom. Once I was in the bathroom I stripped down and put the bra and panties on … WOW. Everything felt so right, the smooth cool nylon of the panties, the nylon and lace of the bra, I had never felt so great.
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK – “Did you fall in or what?” my friend hollered from outside the door, I’m standing there in his mom’s bra and panties and was just frozen. He knocked again so I hollered back that I had a stomachache. He laughed and walked away and then I hear his mom out in the hall asking me if I was OK, she had just walked in and heard me saying I had a stomachache, did I need anything? No, I’m OK, thank you. I was in total panic mode … I’m standing there in her bra and panties talking to her … what do I do? How do I get her clothes back into her room without getting caught?

I pulled the bra and panties off, put my clothes back on and then stuffed her undies into my pants. I waited a few minutes, flushed the toilet and walked out hunched over holding my stomach (actually holding the bra and panties so they didn’t fall out), his mom was standing in her bedroom door and my friend was in the chair by the hallway. Now what? I had to get out of there so I told her I was going to go home because I didn’t feel good and headed out the door and over to my house.

When I got home I went to my room and closed and locked the door and pulled the bra and panties out. I sat on my bed rubbing the fabric through my fingers, feeling how soft and slippery the nylon was and ended up stripping down and putting them back on again.
I ended up keeping the bra and panties and would wear them to bed at night like pajamas hand washing them in the mornings and hanging them up behind my bedroom door to dry. I loved the way the bra felt, a nice constant soft embrace. I was hooked.