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Thread: I went to my first LGBTQ meeting tonight!!

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    I went to my first LGBTQ meeting tonight!!

    I guess I'm a little slow on the progression but I finally got the courage to go. While I have been on hormones for almost 15 years and dress as Natasha at home, I have never gone out dressed nor met others as Natasha. My wife and kids do know that I am transgender, but never have I introduced myself to strangers. Im almost giddy that I did it!!!! Finally finally!! Im starting to crack the "shell" a little further. I have read many of your stories/situations over the years that have helped me gain the courage to take this step.... Yay!!!!

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    Yay! I only have done those virtually, but it is nice to have a little time when you can just be yourself with other people fairly comfortably.

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    Kudos for this step. These days when I live as myself, I still need occasionally to spend time with other queer people only because after a while, it gets stressful to be the only non-cis person in a group of people. Kind of like a black a swan. I hope your find support and love with your group.

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    Congrataking your first step into a larger world! I hope you made some new friends at the meeting.
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