over the past month i have been in many medical situations while under dressed and i have many reactions from nurses, tech, and doctors.

in the past month, i have had two ambulance rides, spent 9 days in the hospital/ many in icu, 3 surgeries, 2 sleep studies, untold scans, tests, xrays, sonigrams, etc. dr office visits have been a couple on many days,

i am a 70 year old crossdresser with shaved legs, armpits, and legs. i wear women's underpants ..... no men's are owned. i often wear a bra. ears are pierced with pearl ear ring studs. my wife is supportive. she kept me supplied in solid colors of underpants. had painted toe nails. wear knee highs vs socks,

during all of this, i recieved zero negative comments, nurses put a gown on me when they normally would not (icu), was given socks to wear while to hide my toes, towels or sheets placed over my feet, my wife put t shirts on me at times, i wore pj bottoms to not show off legs, a bra removed and given to my wife in a bag, after asking me if that is ok, i was wearing overalls on arrival, and the front flap was used to cover underwear. several times comments were made about the shaved areas...... all in good fun. one nurse was removing the sticky pads from my legs started the conversation about her job description does include waxing as these pads do rips out hairs as she yanks them off. others said that the lack of chest hair saves on the pain of hair getting yanked. out of the er, my wife was handed my outer clothes to carry and my underthings were placed in a bag tucked into the corner of the hospital bed where i was told they were. in general any chances of exposure were reduced to the greatest extent. thanks to these people.