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Thread: Ten things CDers get co wrong about their wives

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    @Vale Really like the analogy.
    "There's one thing I don't understand. The thing that I don't understand is every [bleep]-ing thing about crossdressing." - The Blimey
    For those who consider telling their SOs, read this fine manual first:

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    "It is ok to borrow my wife's underwear, clothes, make-up..." WRONG ! No, being married or sharing bed is not a free pass for the wife's wardrobe ! You are all big boys now, you can buy your own !

    Worse...Your daughter's things have to remain a no go zone...Never never borrow something from your daughter ! Your wife will never forgive such a behavior !

    Generally speaking, don't borrow anything from any female relatives/friends/neighbours/... (fill the suspension points as you wish) without her consent.

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    Sorry if this was mentioned above, but one thing that some CDers get consistently wrong is when they believe that wives are jealous of their dressed husbands.

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    That they believe if a wife says they "accept", that they really do accept as opposed to just holding their nose and tolerating it in order to be a supportive partner to their husband.

    I have been in the trans community for a long, long time. I have seen zillions of marriages that failed because of crossdressing and transsexualism, even when the wife starts out "accepting".

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    Hi Devi,

    What you seem to be saying is that all males who crossdress are really trans women. I've always understood (and it seems to be reflected in the huge variety of people posting on this forum) that there's a TG "spectrum" of men who crossdress very rarely and/or under very specific circumstances to those who, like you, realize their true identity and go through the transition. But even transitioning has variations, from those who are content living as a woman 24/7 with no medical treatments, those who do that and have hormone therapy, and those who go on to have various surgeries. I find myself somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, enjoying wearing feminine clothing, makeup, and other accessories a lot of the time, but have no desire to live as a woman all the time or to transition. I've been crossdressing for more than 40 years (well, whenever possible - not in my first marriage), so I really don't think I'm kidding myself about this.

    I'm relatively new to this forum and admit that I'm still learning, so if I've misunderstood your post, please let me know!


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