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Thread: Any active duty sisters?

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    Any active duty sisters?

    I just learned that president Biden reversed the ban on trans people in the military which is exciting. As I?ve mentioned here before, I?ve had a hard time professionally the past few years and I had assumed that going back in the military wouldn?t be an option. I know the DoD is yet to publish the official policy. I wondered if any of you were or are in service and transitioned under the Obama era policy.

    Im curious if you know what constitutes your gender marker change, is it your state ID and then the army record will change to reflect it or are these things independent of each other?

    Also when do you switch uniform standards? Once the marker is changed? It seems precarious for mtf bc for instance I would want the chance to let my hair grow.

    And have any of you had luck getting Trieste to help with surgical costs. I know the VA does not at all.

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    I'd recommend looking up SPARTA, a transgender military support organization. They have been very well organized and led with members who have been out publicly since the Obama Administration dropped the restriction on Transgender Service. should get you to them and they should be able to answer your questions and provide support as you attempt to make your next choices.
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    Our own Bree Wagner is the new president of Sparta. If you reach out to her, be sure to mention this site and that we all miss her presence here.

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