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Thread: Out of everything women wear, which piece of clothing makes you feel most feminine?

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    I have to agree with the bra gives you a feminine shape

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    Connie Connie D50's Avatar
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    I agree with the Bra, however I have been wear panties daily for over 40 years and still love it when I pull up a sexy pair.

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    Bras - the band pinches, the straps slide off and I need to constantly adjust them, and to get the proper shape, I have to fill them with something besides myself.
    I'm with the GG's on this one - bras are a (necessary?) nuisance.

    Panties - I wear them all the time. they're just my undies... no big deal any more.

    If *I* want to feel my feminine-est (if that even is a word), a dress or blouse/skirt combo does it for me.
    After that, I'd say it's a tie between wig and makeup. Both are a bit of a hassle, but I feel much more feminine with them.

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    I?m with Crissy on this one -garterbelt and stockings . I would say corset is a close second.
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    I first loved girdles but panties and a bra really do it for me.
    I love it when I have brasts

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    For me a nice long dress, for evening wear I recently bought an "off the shoulder" of which, you guessed! i then had to buy some strapless bras tog with it. But the two together and black tights they make me feel so good and at peace with the world.
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    For me a tight bra with forms. Such a great feeling of being hugged tight.

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    I'm lost without my bra.
    I can be wearing anything else, but my bra is a necessity. Of course with my forms since I don't have breasts of my own.
    I don't wear women's clothes, I wear MY clothes !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fortuneta View Post
    Number one a bra...all colors but match with panties drives me crazy! Still looking for a yellow bra, love that color!
    I love wearing a bra have since I was ten years old. I have one yellow bra wear it quite often yellow is my favorite color. I feel naked without a bra on

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    I?m not a typical dude, but I am a dude. I?ve never worn anything that made me feel like I looked LIKE A WOMAN.. except once...

    The first time I painted my toenails a bright red and took a couple of pics of my feet. It was like seeing woman?s feet and slightly uncomfortable for that reason.

    I like being an irregular dude and I like the indulgence of feminine things with no inclination to be a woman.

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    High heels for sure.

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    Another vote for bra. Especially a filled bra.
    Jenn A --- nothing fancy, just me.

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    The first article of women's clothing that drew my attention is a full slip. After washing them my mother hung her slips to dry in the hallway to the bedrooms or from a clothes rack over the bathtub. I have an extensive collection of vintage slips in numerous colors which are not made any more which I think is really really sad. The image of Elizabeth Taylor in her slip in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (1958) is memorable to say the least. Of course to fill out the bodice a matching bra is needed as well as a matching panty.

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    Garter belt and stockings with high heels, I do know the is not one thing, but they do really go together. This is hard one ? High Heels.

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    Corset, hosiery, heels.

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    Pantyhose, always pantyhose. I Love the stretchy silky nylon on my legs and feet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emma-louise View Post
    I have to agree with the bra gives you a feminine shape
    The bra giving you that feminine shape is exactly why I love it! They are rounded and shaped like breasts in the front, obviously to accommodate the breasts. That bra makes my appearance of having breasts that much more realm thereby bringing out my feminine side more.
    Thing I hate most is when I have to go out and have to take the bra off. I'm still in the closet and don't want everyone to see me dressed up. A panty is easy enough to hide, but a bra shaped the way it is sticks out, and people will notice that. Sometimes makes me wish I were a woman so I could wear a bra all the time, or at least out of the closet so I would not care about what people say or think of me.

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    Such a difficult question to answer! Like many have observed, the bra certainly is very singular in its purpose. The same with corsets, they have one job to do and they do it well, and look so hot!

    I will throw in a different option here though - fishnets. While they don't necessarily have the same feel as stockings/pantyhose, there is something so deliciously naughty about them that when I'm wearing a pair I'm almost immediately switched into feminine mode.
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    From my experience, once you develop a bit a breast weight & volume (I am a full 38 C cup), your bras are your main concern in developing your feminine image.

    You worry about your uplift, wobble & support, your cleavage, your shape and how to hide/display your bra straps and band under summer tops.

    I have had varied reactions. In the local supermarket, a lady came up to me and said "my dear, your bra straps are obvious, but so pretty". On the other hand I was ejected from a lingerie store for wearing "salacious" underwear.

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    It's a toss up between low denier stockings (with suspender belt - love wiggling my toes in stockings) or a slip against my skin.


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    panties and pantyhose on shaved legs (w/red nail polish seen through the pantyhose)
    Reddit username: ashleesue

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    It would be the bra because I can of course subconsciously feel it with every breath, but the most important, constant thing is a long hair wig. To me, long beautiful hair is what spells 'pretty girl' to me. So whether I'm looking at it, or wearing it myself, it's the signature sign of femininity. I can always see it in my peripheral vision, feel it on my neck, see strands blowing in the air and as I move, and the wisps that I leave just slightly out of reach from my eyes. When I'm wearing a wig, I find myself almost constantly, slightly playing with the hair, or gently taking the tangles out of it, when I'm not involved in doing other things. To me, that's something very limited to what women do; I've never seen guys that take really good care of their long hair, or play with it subconsciously at all.
    I've heard many women with long hair complain about how much trouble it is, how much upkeep it takes, how it gets into their mouth when eating, or into the food on the table if it's that long, gets caught in parts of chair backs, all sorts of complaints.
    But I'd absolutely love to have long, beautiful hair again (I had let it grow past shoulder length when I was a teenager, and absolutely loved it; playing with my sister's hair accessories was one of the most enjoyable parts of borrowing her things).
    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    Can I add a girdle (OBG) with the garter belt and stockings!


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    I would have to say a pretty bra, of course with breast forms. There are a lot of close seconds though, panties, stay ups, garter belts, corsets, my wig and dangly earrings to name a few!
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    Out of everything women wear, which piece of clothing makes you feel most feminine?
    1) I am more than a crossdresser, started by 5 officially with a friends panties. Always felt female inside.
    But nearly all my every day friends my age within walking distance of my house has girls. So playing house / dress up started before that.

    2) being 24/7/365 in panties / slip shorts for years just underwear. But very important.

    3) to smooth out the rough spots / days the bra / forms smooths the internal female issues more manageable.

    Ie Bra/forms is the short answer.

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