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Thread: Male arms

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    Male arms

    I have always been sensitive to my rather male arms: layer of darkish hair and my farmer's tan. This summer I have been taking special note of women's arms at work (in retail) and I have noticed two things: 1) many taller, more mature women have tan lines similar to mine. 2) a number of dark haired women have arm hair rivalling mine. Makes me wonder if I'm too sensitive.

    Has anyone else noted this?

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    Not only sensitive to my arms but my shoulders too when I dress. Oh well go with what God gave ya....
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    hello Geena
    I am blessed with having fair hair on my arms and I can trim that - it is not unfeminine - but the hair on my shoulders and back I cannot reach to trim and I am sure this is very male!
    stay healthy!
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    Arm hair is no longer a problem , The Epilator took care of it,
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

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    Geena I always look at women to find some that have my arms and for that matter shoulders and 5'9 or taller. You don't have to look that hard. I work on the tan lines if I didn't it would be real bad (I play a lot of Golf) and like Blue I shave my arms. to to answer your question yes your to sensitive :-). I would say filling in the tan lines help take away attention to the arms. Have a wonderful day Connie

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    You can trim your arm hair or even shave it off. As for the "farmer's tan", women's tee shirts seem to have shorter sleeves than men's tee shirts so that can be a problem.

    I try to avoid sleeveless tops and dresses and wear long or three quarter length sleeves when possible.

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    You could be.
    Many women from eastern Europe tend to have darker body hair, especially arms.
    As for the tan lines, lots of women wear t-shirts these days and have similar tan lines. If you don't want to shave your arms try longer, flowing sleeves.
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    I have tan lines on my arms and to some extent on my legs. As to the legs most of the year I tend to wear shorts and sweat socks. My granddaughter made a comment about the tan lines on my legs. I remedy the tan lines on my legs by wearing hosiery. The tan lines by wearing dresses with longer sleeves; 3/4 works best for me. Hair? Genetically, I've never been hirsute. No hair follicles on most of my legs; thighs and calves. On my shins there are some very light hairs which are covered anyway with hosiery. I have varicose veins and aging spots, so hosiery is a must anyway. Mentally, I find it easier to wear something to cover my arms if I am out of the home. It's easier than taking on another "maintenance" issue. Another tan line issue is I only wear v-neck tee shirts. That is also remedied with wearing dresses without a plunging neck line. For anyone starting out on this journey I'd recommend some uniformity to tanning; either all or nothing. The tan lines on my arms never go away. Nothing seasonal about it anymore.

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    I found that a combination of SPF 50 long sleeved shirts and sunblock to be effective in preventing farmers tan. Sunblock on anything not covered up.

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    Like everything else, Geena? There r things u can do if u want to badly enuff!

    I cannot show my ugly, veined, freckled, farmer tan, and muscly man arms!

    So, I made my own arm covers out of tites! Bleached and dyed to match my silicone prosthesis. I wear gloves to hide where they end over my hands.

    I wear them nearly all the time when I wear short sleeves or bathing suits, etc!

    I'm wearing them in this old photo. U can see a slight difference in the shades of my arms and body.
    IMG_3096 (618x640).jpg
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    Epilators and sunscreen are the way to go. If you do decide to epilate the arms, start after the summer because the first few times will make your arms look like the Somme.

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    I have the same issues, but have found a few solutions.

    1. I shave my arms, and no one notices. If anyone asks, just tell them you're outside a lot and shaving made putting on sunscreen a lot easier. I also had my GG friend Michelle, who owns a salon, wax my back.

    2. Get some shirts that don't have sleeves and wear them occasionally. I also have a couple of girls sports shirts that expose different areas, plus my triathlon tops have bare shoulders.

    3. Occasionally I will take my shirt off when I run to help blur the lines.

    4. Get a can of spray tan and use it to blur the lines.

    And remember women come is all shapes and sizes. If you want to go out during summer, having bare shoulders is a lot cooler, which is important to offset the heat from a wig.
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    I use Nair on my arms and legs. No one has ever commented. I went to the beach last week and that has evened out the farmers tan.

    I was told to think twice before wearing cap sleeves.
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    If you can't completely shave your arms you can gradually thin the hair with a male groomer and as for farmers arms your salvation sits in a bottle.

    There's a good many here, me included, who use slow tan lotion to gradually darked our skin. To be truly effective you need to do your shoulders and across the chest/breast bone. Wearing open shirts leaves us with a darker vee under the chin whereas women tend to wear more open scooped necklines or even cami's with spaghetti straps so you need to cover the whole area and don't forget across the back of the neck/top of the back.
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    Interestingly although I have darker skin I have very little body hair on my arms. A bit more on my legs but nowhere near what the average male has.

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    I'm another girl who had started shaving her arms. The first time I did it I was really nervous someone would make some snarky comment. But absolutely no one has noticed, or if they have, they don't care!

    I've got the old farmers tan as well, but plenty of ladies look similar, so I'm not too worried! I would love to get proper tanlines, but with a garden that's overlooked, sunbathing in undies or a bikini is a non-starter! 😁

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    I thought you were gonna say that your arms look to muscular. Bulging biceps aren't very ladylike!
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