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Thread: Would the thrill be gone.

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    Silver Member Maria 60's Avatar
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    Would the thrill be gone.

    If you read my last post I picked up my wife from our summer cabin and drove more then 4 hrs dressed. When I got to the cabin my wife told me I didn't have to get changed because it was very quiet there. It was amazing to be outdoors for so long dressed, we had a coffee on the deck together, the feel of the sun on the pantyhose and the light wind blowing the hem of my dress, what an amazing feeling. It felt wierd cleaning up and loading stuff in the car dressed, male duties became female duties, done with more feminine touch. On the drive home we were getting close to home and I was going to stop a highway rest stop to change and even though I was dressed all that time and had an amazing outdoor experience, I still get that sad feeling when I have to undress.
    I told the wife it's to bad it has to be this way because I really enjoy and feel so comfortable dressed, my wife told me in her years working in retail she was amazed that when people were caught shoplifting it wasn't people poor who would do it. It was 90% well to do people, they did it for the thrill, the rush of being caught and doing something wrong. She then said if the radio station we were listening to would make an announcement and announce that it's ok for men to drive wearing women's clothing. I would probably still do it ,but the rush would be gone, the thrill of getting seen and the rush of taking a chance would take away from the feeling.
    My wife loves when I underdress, she insists that I wear something fem under most of he time. During the drive she confirms it telling me she love when I wear panties and pantyhose under, it's a thrill to her that she is the only who knows what I'm wearing under. The thrill of when I'm wearing pantyhose with no socks and she will walk a little behind me to see the a little pantyhose peeking out when I'm walking or when I bend and a little lace from the fem panties show. But if all at once it becomes ok for men to wear pantyhose and fem panties, her thrill would be gone.
    She said sweet is not sweet without the sour and admitted my feelings are real when I dress but believes I don't want to become a women but enjoy the feeling and just like herself I love the rush of taking chances, the hidding and thrill of it all.
    In her opinion there is many forms of crossdressers but believes if it comes out that it becomes ok for men to wear women's clothing for a lot of people the fun and thrill would not be the same. Her final statement was, they sell men's pantyhose why don't I buy them, because it's more fun and exciting wearing women's.
    What do you think, if all at once it became ok for us to dress fem, would it take away from it if it became normal.

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    I suspect, for some, the thrill would subside, especially if you associate clothes very strongly with your identity or inducing those feelings. Personally though I don't dress for the thrill. Long ago that was the case, but it vanished early on. For me I need to have the female-like sense of self before I can comfortably wear clothes intended for women. In other words, dressing is an expression of a deep inner feeling and not as a means to induce that feeling.

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    I would love for it to be acceptable and in fact for me it would be thrilling to be able to just dress as I want without the worry of people knowing, I don't dress for the thrill now, I dress because I love to dress and because I like how it makes me feel, to not have to hide it from family and friends would be wonderful

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    Another very thoughtful post Maria - thank you

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    Not for me. Dressing in feminine clothing is an affirmation of my femininity and my transgender status. Also from a stylistic standpoint I love the variety of women’s clothing, and the comfort.
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    I dress because it feels good inside and I love the way the clothes feel on my skin. Always, always under dress now.

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    I agree with you Maria, part of my enjoyment of dressing as a girl is the risk of being caught, but it is always the feeling of the soft slinky clothes that keeps me dressing. I also get a charge for under dressing and thinking what would my friend sitting across from me think if he knew. I would hate to see it become normal for men to wear dresses and such because than there would be so much less in the wonderful feminine mystique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel05 View Post
    I would love for it to be acceptable and in fact for me it would be thrilling to be able to just dress as I want without the worry of people knowing, I don't dress for the thrill now, I dress because I love to dress and because I like how it makes me feel, to not have to hide it from family and friends would be wonderful

    I couldn't have said it better, if tomorrow I woke up in a world that totally accepted the way I want to dress, it would only escalate, I can only imagine the freedom of being able to walk down the street in four inch heels and a nice full skirt flowing around my stocking covered legs, my tight sweater showing off my meager breasts; I might be a terminal man in a dress, but if society accepted it, I would be a very stylish one.
    I am Me and Me is OK!


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    For me, if the fear of being ostracized by family, friends and community were to suddenly disappear, I would be far more likely to allow myself to enjoy life as a woman.

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    I do not dress for the thrill, rather that I just feel comfortable and right when dressed, so nothing would change for me.

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    I think if crossdressing was suddenly socially acceptable it would end it for me.

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    Aspiring Member Joyce Swindell's Avatar
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    I believe that I would dress more if it was acceptable. Now when I was a young CD and staying hidden that might have taken away the thrill. Who knows where I'd be IF that had been the case?

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    I agree with a part of what Joyce Swindell said. " I believe I would dress more if it were acceptable". My mind runs wild knowing if this were true I could meet all the women in my life and we both be dressed as a woman. Not to mention going to sporting events and other outing dressed, without shame or hassle from others. WOW !!

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    Sallee Sallee's Avatar
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    you present a good take on the thrill of cross dressing. I personally find that after several days of being out and about indeed the thrill is gone. Especially if I am out and I get no remarks be it a "you look good" or "its man in a dress" The thrill is gone.

    NOw I love getting dressed and going out and passing and I guess I do it fairly well if no one notices. I am just another person shopping in the mall or seeing a movie, which is about all I do. But there have been times when I get up and get crossdressed and go about my day, breakfast and coffee at home, the usual house cleaning and then going out and shopping and taking in a movie. I seldom go to restaurants, that might be different with more interaction. I will sometimes go to the local CD bar where I know I'll be read and probably hit on. I never take up the offer. Then after a drink its home. Well about the 3rd day I am done being a girl and I really don't understand why the thrill is gone, but it is.
    The life of this CD is pretty boring I guess

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    But we are only talking about the clothes, correct? Just wearing the skirts and such without the wig, makeup, etc? Because it is the latter that really causes most of the problems.

    To answer the question, no changes on my end as I am satisfying a part of my soul and not a need for excitement.

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    It would not make any difference to me as I dress because I love the clothes.

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    Hi Maria , It is like Fishing, It is so much mor fun Catching a Fish than Buying ine u=in the Fish market,

    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

    If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you.

    Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bell , you just can't Un-Ring it !! !!

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    I love wearing clothes that make me look good. As I'm small and petite women's clothes fit me.

    I also love to shop and it turns out there is a ton of women's XS clothes that routinely go on sale!

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    I think that when I dress up I am 'pretending' to be someone else. If I go out, the thrill isn't just a matter of passing as a woman, but passing as someone else. If it were suddenly truly allowable to dress in women's clothes, my goal would be to present as someone else. So, while I would feel more free to go out dressed, I still wouldn't want to be recognized; hence, still a thrill.

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    Maria, interestingly in your quite lengthy post u mention in depth your wife's thrill at your dressing. And, her thots about random tran's thrill at doing something forbidden.

    And, u ask about our thrill at dressing and being seen/caught.
    But, u never mention if your wife is rite about your "thrill" at forbidden dressing?
    U want us to guess?

    Personally? If men dressing was suddenly acceptable? I'd be out there at the mall and Denny's dressed all the time! The way it is now? I get zero thrill at doing what is forbidden! Going out dressed to vanilla venues is way too stressful for me!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelaYVR View Post
    To answer the question, no changes on my end as I am satisfying a part of my soul and not a need for excitement.
    This is me, I totally agree

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    For me, it's the feel of the clothes that maintains the thrill. It makes me feel sexy, and who doesn't want to feel like that?

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    I tend to agree with GretchenM. I don't dress to feel feminine. I dress BECAUSE I feel feminine - and need to express it.

    Do I dress for the thrill? Nope. In fact, for me it was quite the opposite. My outings were filled with worry, fear, and disappointment - and met with stares, giggles, and snide comments.
    Nowadays, I only do what little I do - at home.
    Times have changed since back then. I've changed too. I might be tempted to try going out again, but "house rules" forbid it, so that's the end of that idea!

    If it were suddenly OK to wear women's clothes, you can bet that I would. Freedom! Now THAT would be a rush!

    Ok, now back to reality (sigh).

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    Yes, they do make pantyhose for men. The ones I’ve seen have a fly front. Folks, I don’t go to all this trouble to have a fly front. In fact I’m trying to look like I have no use for a fly front. Only women’s pantyhose for me thanks.

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    Exploring NEPA now Cheryl T's Avatar
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    It used to be a thrill, especially early on and well before I came out to my wife.
    Now it's just what I wear. They are my clothes and not really anything special and that's the feeling I have always wanted. I just want to be me.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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