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Thread: Summer is winding down

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    Summer is winding down

    Hello. Summer is winding down. The warm weather is giving way to somewhat cooler days and the days are getting shorter. That is not a reason to not dress though. Got to enjoy 3 days off over the Labor Day weekend, and got to dress two of them. Didn't take any photos from the first day, but got a few on the second day. Took a ride and did some grocery shopping at Meijer, then to JC Penney and then Wal-Mart. Started with a pink top, matched with a long white skirt and white belt. Pair of white sandals (no heels). White purse to accessorize the outfit along with a pinkish mauve hue to the makeup. What do you think of the outfit?
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    Top is very cute, shoes are good match, bottom material is nice. Alas you and I have a similar midsection issue. No belts, and tunic length would be better. Hair is cute, but I'ld cook in summer.

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    Michelle I think your outfit is really cute . You look like just another women shopping.

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    Hi Michelle, I think you look perfect, a very pretty outfit to go shopping in!

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    I think you look just fine and very lady-like in a very acceptable way. You seem to have it down.

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    I’m waiting for cooler weather because all my favorite dresses have long sleeves. I’ve also noticed that in the winter all of my favorite dresses have short sleeves. Why is that do you suppose?
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    So happy to see you getting out!!
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    You look so sweet in your outfit. I'm all in favor of the weather cooling off. I'm hoping for some fun this fall.

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