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Thread: Masking advantage...

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    Masking advantage...

    Has anyone ventured farther into the public by wearing a mask while out shopping or just being in public?I was thinking it would make the issue of facial hair less of an issue.Nobody seems to even notice anyone wearing one anymore..Have a great night.

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    I think I have, it did give me a boost in Target when I went to check out but I had been shopping without one. I knew I needed to talk with the SA at the register as the item I wanted did not have a tag on it, still can't believe I actually did that! It definitely can get you in the door, after that just enjoy whatever you're doing!

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    Masking has opened up crossdressing to me. Wearing a mask to cover my facial hair has led me to work on eye make up and take a host of non-retouched photos. I have even dared to go out as Geena, even though I haven't been up to closer contact, yet. I wish I could readily get one of these neck gaiters -- that would be so cool!
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    The mask has definitely given me courage. I have not learned all the makeup techniques and I don’t think I would pass too good anyway. I always dreamed of going shopping fully dressed. I had gone out with female shirt and pants but no wig or makeup. The mask gave me the courage to finally go out fully dressed with blouse and skirt. All that really showed was my glasses and forehead. It was about the most exciting day I had ever had. I have been out multiple times since then buying some dresses and outfits.

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    Yes I did. If you are interested what I did see my thread. In short I went to DSW shoe store and took few public transportation.
    Do you know Xam?

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    Definitely held cover the facial hair and makes me feel safer behind and mask

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    Masks have let me to be less attentive of my facial appearance.

    No makeup in many cases.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    Had a mask on when I had my first out-in-public-maybe-gendered-correctly moment. Definitely wouldn't without it I think.

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