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Thread: Female Walk

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    Female Walk

    Ladies, any tips or tricks you?ve used to get a ladylike walk?

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    My parents criticised until I "walked like a man", so it was seemingly natural for me.

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    I'm working on this too. I try to put one foot in front of the other, standing very straight as i do...very unlike my usual walk, which is kind of an ungraceful lumber. Interestingly, the addition of heels seems to enhance the foot position and good posture. Seems to be going OK, and fun to practice whether en femme or not.

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    1,921 if the copy worked this might help

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE] hope this copied ok you can chance the gender.

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    Shoulders back, head up, boobs out. Shorten your gate. Put one foot slightly in front of the other. Turn your arms so the inside of your elbows face out. Gentle sway of the arms. Wearing heels helps.

    Have fun!!!
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    I suggest Youtube videos. There are very good tips. You may also want to locate videos shot by the CD-er walking. It may give you a clue as what to do and not to do. I think the biggest problem is trying to look "natural" without conscious thought. Personally, I like watching Vanna White strutting across the stage and turning letters. That gives some fluidity of motion of what may be possible.

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    Smaller steps, one foot in front of the other, arms at your side with elbows tucked in.
    Wear something pretty every day !

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    Hi heels help. I mean 4"+ spikes! They change your posture, force u to take short, mincing, steps, and make u put one foot in front of the other.
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

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    Connie, that was a good link! You can run the video and move the slide from male to female and back to see what changes. The male walks with his feet apart, elbows out, and no sway or rocking motion in the hips. A woman walks one foot in front of the other, (or very close!), elbows in and sway or rocking motion in the hips.

    Some of my more comfortable heels I can mimic the action if I think about it, but I forget!

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    I practiced, but was unsure about how to walk.When I presented for the first time my aunt she told me I walked like my mother. She assured me that I shouldn't worry about going out as I had a very feminine walk. She had me walk in several different shoes and told me to relax because I looked like a pretty girl. What more could one ask for. One thing she told me about was to put one foot in front of another when walking on a run way and let your hip move forward.

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    Hi All,

    From watching lots of women walk, the one thing I have discovered is that there are as many ways to walk as there are women. My thoughts on Walking...

    If you use the male / female slider on the biomotionlab website, you can see that women tend to have their upper body tilted slightly back to compensate for the weight of their breasts. You can see this when sliding the male/female adjustment back and forth, as you move toward the female position, the upper body tilts backwards (use the rotate option to get a side view of the figure).

    For everyone, to counterbalance the motion of the legs swinging, a portion of the body above the legs will also move. For men, the largest part of their body above the lets is their chest and shoulders, so men tend to rotate their shoulders as they walk. For women, the hips are the largest part of their body, and thus when women walk, they use their hips to balance the motion of the legs, and their shoulders tend to stay rather motionless. This is also visible in the biomotionlab website when the slider is moved. Thus, try to minimize the shoulder sway when walking.

    I also like the motion study (a short video) at:

    With the added gridlines you can see the alignment of the shoulders with the hips (shoulders behind hips, body tilted backwards), thus demonstrating the tilt discussed previously. in this video you can also see that at the end of each stride, the rear leg is extended well back behind the body, the heel is low to the ground, and the knee is almost locked. Men tend to walk with more of a bent knee walk and do not keep their heel down near the end of the stride. The result of female leg positioning is that the hips must rotate back somewhat and drop down slightly on the side of the rear leg to allow this to occur. This hip pull back and slight drop is also visible in the biomotionlab website, as the hip motion is much more dynamic (as well all know). If you try this, and you may need to stretch first to loosen your body up, you can see that your hips will be pulled naturally back during the end portion of the stride, and then will recover and recenter once the rear leg is brought forward. This creates the dynamic hip motion without creating an over exaggerated motion. It is also easy to practice on a treadmill or just walking around.

    Good luck and happy walking!

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    A lot of excellent points mentioned. The hardest thing for me is to just relax. I have done a number of videos of me walking and the common flaw is that I look so stilted. Finding comfortable shoes is the first thing -- I think I do best in the simple flats I got. The other is to practice, but only when wearing women's shoes. It can develop muscle memory and becomes 2nd nature when dressed (and lessens the risk of walking like a girl in guy mode).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTWimRobin View Post
    Shoulders back, head up, boobs out. Shorten your gate. Put one foot slightly in front of the other. Turn your arms so the inside of your elbows face out. Gentle sway of the arms. Wearing heels helps.

    Have fun!!!
    All that, and use kind of an exaggerated sway to your hips. And don't forget. Stand tall and straight. Enter a room tits first. LOL.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    I suggest put up a camera and video yourself……just practice and critique yourself and work on it.
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    I think there's two aspects to this. Physical and mental.

    The Biomotion animation is a great way to see the differences in the genders and what it is you're aiming for. A bit of practice and you can get a female gait. That said I also believe there's the mental side of it. When I go out part of the process is to think female. Now I know there are those who will rightly say how can we think female when we're males and have no experience of growing up as a female. So what I guess I'm eluding to I try to loose the male side of me and switch on that which is the femme side.

    It's not sufficient to get the mechanics right. A man consciously trying to walk like a female will run the risk of looking false. You have to immerser yourself into the female character that you are, act the part fully. relax into the role. Then you will look as natural as you can.

    I should also add that you need to get all the other mannerisms sorted as well. How you hold a bag can be as important in creating the most convincing picture as anything else. It's a whole of parts.
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    Wonderful analysis of walking motion and differences between men and women, Jennifer. I can add that women with wide hips have their legs attached to the pelvis a bit further from the center line. That creates a bit more rotation of the hips and the swing that many women show and men don't. The exact way the legs attach to the hips tends to create differences in the motion of the pelvis and the rotation of the lower spine. Hard for men to do that naturally as the distance from the center line to the leg attachment is considerably shorter. Biomechanics is amazing.

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    My tip of the day: for a credible female walk, don't take the shortcut by the park after 10pm.

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    I have been told by many people female or male that I walk like a lady I have never practiced my walk I guess it just comes naturally to me

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    Watching crossdreser videos posted on youtube, I would say the walk and dressing inappropriately are the two biggest signs of a "man in a dress".

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    This will sound stupid but it REALLY worked for me. I was working with an acting coach on all aspects of my movement. She had all the usual advice - good posture, shorter steps: all completely valid stuff. But then she said to imagine I was being led by my hips... Think of them as leading my walk, pulling me forward and sort of dragging the rest of my body behind just a tiny bit. Then she said add a TINY bit of side-to-side as you walk. Don't overdo either part, but those two tips made a huge difference. Even more importantly, I can quickly go to them if I am not feeling confident about how I am walking. I just say to myself "hips lead, a little sway" and I quickly get myself back into a good movement. Best of luck!
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    I've been told I have a natural female walk. Slight movement of the hips from side to side, sort steps, etc. I was suppressing it for years; now i'm just doing what feels natural.

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    Wear kitten or short heels all the time to learn a feminine walk.

    Try not to overdo things. It is better to do too little than too much of something.
    If something falls in the ambiguous gray area that is OK. Exaggeration is an obvious clue that you don't want.


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    I take low cut ankle socks fold them in half and place them in the heels of my shoes or sneakers. That works for me

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    I agree with Maid_Marion. In fact, the biomotionlab thing gets overly exaggerated!

    Fully female - I don't wanna sway my hips that much!
    Fully male - neanderthal walk!

    I think it helps to watch women walk. Most women don't sway their hips very much or walk with one foot in front of the other.

    To be honest, keeping elbows in is quite a challenge for me. I've made videos of myself walking and the elbows stick out no matter how much I think they aren't.
    "You're the only one to see the changes you take yourself through", Stevie Wonder

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    I have never needed to sway or wiggle. I just dress as I like, most of the time a bit vintage with 5 inch heels. What I have noticed that has happened to me over time is the realization that it's the clothes and heels themselves that mostly dictate how you move, sit and walk. I dress a lot and often if doing house or kitchen work often just forget about what I am wearing but when I stop and think it always comes back to my movements that are to to the outfit I am wearing.

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