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Thread: Got Stuck in a Dress

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    I have not gotten stuck in one of my wife?s dresses but I have gotten stuck in one she was giving away. She lets me look through them before donating.

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    Lucky for me my wife does not wear dresses or even own any dresses. Sigh.

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    When I was a teenager i got stuck in one of my sisters dresses. It took a bit but was able to use longnose pliers to pull the zipper down.

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    The Zipper ought to rank among Man's greatest creations. In an alphabetical sequence of landmark inventions such as the Arrow and the Bow, Crop rotation, Disc brakes, Electric light, the Fishhook, Glass windows and others such as the Steam engine. the Safety pin, Sliced bread and the Smartphone, all the way up to the Xerox machine and the oceangoing Yacht, the Zipper falls at the end of the list. Yet in addition to its speed and convenience--so much swifter than low-tech "buttons"--it's probably sexier than any of the others. While a steam engine just sounds like a steam engine, the very sound of a zipper is sexy in itself. While brave humans in our primitive past learned to survive without the Zipper, who'd want to be without it today, any more than we'd want to be without other things they never had either, such as frozen food and toilet paper?

    However, like many inventions, even a sharp "Safety" pin, the Zipper does have hazards of its own. For instance, though I may be wrong, I never heard of anyone getting stuck in a dress that buttoned up the back!

    Luckily I've never been stuck in a dress myself, certainly not anybody else's, though I have had a tense moment or two. I well remember the first dress I put on, which I've mentioned here before. It was my mother's, pale blue and closefitting, with a back zipper. I must have been thirteen years old. It was heavenly to zip the dress up around me and feel so snugly enclosed in a dress, so deliciously immersed in femininity. Tempting too to imagine how a woman might feel when a lover unzips her dress. But the delights of being in a dress are one thing, while needing to get out of it is another.

    Fortunately I was always very careful of what I called "my security" against being discovered, and knowing the possible risks, I did take the precaution of tying a piece of string to the zipper pull to make sure I could not only get it up, but also down afterwards. In later years I haven't had much trouble with back zippers, though they can be tricky at times, and I had to learn the technique that Pumped described, of pulling the back of the dress up or down at appropriate stages to eliminate that "dead zone" between how far I could get the zipper down with a hand over my shoulder and how far I could reach it with a hand twisted up behind my back. Needless to say, the effort was worth it!

    This leads me to a serious question. Are women's arms typically more flexible than men's that they're able to cope with fastenings "behind their backs" more easily than men can?

    Oh, I know wives will often ask a favor like "Zip me up, darling, will you?"--or sometimes "Unzip me, darling, will you?"--tasks that men are happy to oblige with. Just the same, women more often than not have to deal with these difficulties on their own, not to mention bras that fasten and unfasten behind their backs. Can many women actually do this? I realize of course that individuals vary widely in their contortionist skills, and it doesn't help to ask my wife this question because she's one of the less flexible people who fastens her bra the same easy way that I do: that is, by hooking it in front, then rotating it into position.

    Although I've never been stuck in a dress, I nearly got stuck in a skirt a few weeks ago when it fell foul of that other hazard of the invention: the stuck zipper, with a chunk of lining or other fabric caught so that it's hard to pull up or down. I freed it in the end with some difficulty. But you can turn a skirt around to deal with it, which you can't do with a dress. (Or with pants either, come to think of it, and some women's pants zip up the back. Women's clothes fastenings, like the styles themselves, are so interestingly variable compared with men's.) I hate to think what might happen when a back zipper of a dress gets stuck, compounding one problem with another. No wonder Karmen needed outside help to get out of that predicament! I absolutely must sympathize. Oh, the challenges of being a crossdresser!

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    Rule Number 1 with Cross Dressing "Don't wear your spouse's clothing while Crossdressing"
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    My wife has a couple dresses that she has me zip up for her. They are tight little bodycon dresses and one needs to pull the fabric together to zip them up. She might be able to do it on her own, but I know it is difficult. So my point is that women have trouble with back zippers too.

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    Gotten stuck so often, had wife or sales assistant help quite a few times.
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    The struggle is real! I have had a couple of bought with some very cute dresses. However, I've never been stuck in someone else's dress before. That would be awkward.

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    My wife's clothes would never fit. Plus she has no dresses or lingerie.

    I've had a couple of times where I had to pull every thing off fast and have torn off a few dresses.
    Most dresses I only wear once so it wasn't a big loss.
    What I do on dresses with a up to the neck zipper is put a string on the zipper for pulling it up or down.
    Since I'm not going out it's not a problem.
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    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
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    Judy, Someone has to wear the dresses in that family. Might as well be someone who likes them. Julie
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    I have had my share of SA’s help me. Never another woman in the dressing area. That is a whole new level.

    When I told my wife about my crossdressing o-so-long ago, it was a emphatic no way and one reason was that she didn’t want yet another sister going through her clothes ( she grew up in a large family) so I have not tried on her clothes and gotten stuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lori Ann Westlake View Post
    Oh, I know wives will often ask a favor like "Zip me up, darling, will you?"--or sometimes "Unzip me, darling, will you?"--tasks that men are happy to oblige with.
    Lori Ann is right. Zippers can be fun.
    How, and why, do women mostly handle them on their own?
    I love myself in curves!

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    Oof Julie, that had to have been a not-so-fun day! LOL But I'm glad you were able to get out of the dress without tearing it

    I've had a very similar experience myself, only not with one of my ex-wife's dresses. A while back, I bought a dress from a Torrid store, (actually went to the store and bought it, not ordered online), but due to Covid, they still had their dressing rooms closed so I wasn't able to try on the dress before I bought it. So I got home with the dress that evening, tried it on and come to find out, it was too small..... Grrr!! I got stuck in that dress and was LUCKY to be able to get out of it so I could take it back and I wasn't stuck with a near $60.00 dress that I couldn't wear! LOL
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    Dresses with zippers can/are intimidating and exciting at the same time and they look great when we wear them. My fear is corsets tied in the back and the bow slipping into a nasty knot. I've come to accept that if I tie my corset behind my back one day I will have to use a sharp knife to cut the laces to get out of it. I always wear a corset under my clothes when dressing and have learned to never tie behind my back because I don't want to take a knife to my laces.

    I know this is slightly off topic, sorry

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