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Thread: Still on my journey

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    Still on my journey

    Yeah I've been on HRT for 6 months now it's a very low dose and a patch and spirulactone. Yeah I do realize I'm older but I noticed some changes very minor. Hopefully someday I can live the life I was meant to live

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    Just remember, small steps forward are still steps forward. Just take 1 day at a time and enjoy the blessing of moving toward true self.

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    I was wondering about you the other day. Glad you’re doing well.

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    3,667 day at a time....its a marathon not sprint....was driving through AC last week and was thinking about you....
    i dressed like a girl and i liked it! crossdressing...theirs an app for that those who deny freedom deserve it not for themselves
    NOBODY gets a pass to blow out someone else's candle in order to make theyre's shine brighter

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    Congratulations on the 6 months. Hope all goes well. Wishing you the best.

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    Glad you are back! Best wishes on your journey! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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