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Thread: wearing makeup as a male

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    wearing makeup as a male

    Not all of us are good enough or lucky to be 24/7 women. My question is do you wear any makeup when out as a male? I enjoy wearing eye shadow, mascara, light lipstick and blush during my daily chores (not too much to be noticed). I always am smooth and feeling feminine even when not being my female self.

    Do you do things to remind you of your feminine self?


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    Not at all these days. I did in my youth though. I was fortunate to experience the new romantic era of pop. The funny thing is, it was more about being a rebel, than being feminine. My crossdressing and at that time, quite deep desire to be female, was almost completely apposed to the fact that I wore make up in public. That was me pretending to be a male rebel. Funny old world.

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    I do not wear makeup as a male intentionally. There have been a few times when I forgot to wipe it all off though.

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    Went to the showers in a campground after being out dressed one evening. Took off everything but my make up. Only one guy in the bath house and he got a good chuckle out of it. I just smiled and ducked into the shower stall.

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    I know many people are comfortable with presenting in an androgynous style and wearing makeup in that mode. I did initially experiment with a trace of makeup in male mode, but that and wearing a mix of male and female items just did not feel right for me.

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    Long ago I got into the phase of wearing make-up in guy-mode, out in public.

    Though I'd also be wearing some/all women's clothing at the same time. But not presenting as female, per se.

    Those were my "femmy male" days.

    I was younger, thinner, and had long-ish hair at the time.

    In my eyes, I could "get away with it," because of that.

    Foundation, powder, blush, eyebrows, eye-shadow, eye-liner, mascara, lip color.

    All of it, or any combination thereof.

    Applied with a light- to moderate-hand.

    No fake lashes, no bold or dark lips. But everything else was fair game.

    Every now & then I'll still do that at home -- but now never in public.
    Of course, when I do, oftentimes a wig somehow eventually finds its way onto my head.

    Regardless, it's still a fantastic way to experiment with make-up, as you look at it in a whole new light!

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    The first time I went to the MAC counter, they told me I would be surprised at how many "straight" males come in for their make up! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    A few years ago I was dating a retired model. She was 5 years older than me. She asked me one nite if she can do a little makeup on me to smooth out my complexion. I said sure. Then she bought some makeup for me to better match my complexion. Then she added a hint of shadow and thin coat of mascara. She enjoyed doing that for me. She then "taught" me how to do it myself. At the time she didn't know that I crossdressed. After a year I was getting ready to tell her and she found out from somebody else. (long story) She didn't like that fact that I held that from her. Caused issues for a long time. We finally broke up. (not because of this) Now for the last 3 years she has pursued me and and wants me back and she is OK with it. Unfortunately it was past any fixing.

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    I liberally mix my gender habits. Tinted lip balm every day, foundation to cover flaws as needed and occasionally a little subtle eye makeup. I always underdress in at least panties and I'm shopping now for some pretty underthings I can unobtrusively wear under winter clothes. I have pierced ears and always wear some sort of studs or earrings. Bracelets and rings are everyday items, as are necklaces or pendants when I'm wearing a collared shirt (not usually with summer t-shirts, though). I've carried a "man-purse" for years, with my old rucksacks getting replaced by gender-neutral or even obviously female purses of late. Most of this is probably perceived as androgynous, but I've been progressively pushing towards more obviously feminine things. Few people notice or care. Those that do are usually complimentary. I do work at a large university, though, so our culture is likely more liberal and accepting than many others.

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    Mascara and Eye Liner, Brows.

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    I don't wear much, even when out en femme. This summer I did wear some mascara (my favorite), a little liner, light foundation, and some lipstick out as male me. I went to a straight place, that I know well. Not sure if anyone noticed. But I did like that fem feeling the look gave me. Now that my hair is near shoulder length I feel I can blend in a little more.
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    I used to layer on the guy-liner + nail paint in my rock band days. Got away with it no problem, as people thought I was a Guns n Roses reject. lol This was before realizing i was trans. I could have kept it going and not said anything about my 'inner girl', but that would have been living a lie. From glam rock to glam gyrl, it's been some journey of self-discovery.

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    I don't wear much in male mode, but in the last year I've been using makeup as a corrective element, most importantly around the eyes. Fundamentally, the dark circles add substantially to my age; by using just a bit of primer+concealer in the inner corner (and out a little bit), it really brightens my face up. Once in a while, though, I'll apply a very light layer of tinted moisturizer to smooth out my pores. It's subtle, but I have to admit I wish I could wear more in guy mode.

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    I keep my maleself and femme self pretty much completely separate. When I dress up I love to do my best with makeup. On the other hand in male mode, I go without because it is quite a bit of work and don't want to be always checking up on it.

    However, makeup companies and media are certainly trying to normalize men wearing makeup nowadays. From a business perspective it only makes sense, why should they bother making products that only half the population uses? I think the main problem they'll have in their push is that most of the youtubers who are male makeup influencers are over the top flamboyant, and that is a smaller dmeographic of the male market to cater to, which was probably already dabbling in makeup anyway.

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    Yes, I wear makeup daily. Eyebrows, eye shadow, a little blush, mascara and light lipstick. I always ask my wife opinion. She?ll let me know. I always am dressed underneath with a spritz of perfume. I was with my wife at Macy?s makeup counter. The SA looked at me and smiled. I?m sure she knew, but I took her smile as approval.

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    Yeah, pretty much everyday. I have really bad dark under eye circles, and the Cover Girl concealer does wonders with those. Got tired of people asking me if I had gotten enough sleep or was ill.
    Also sometimes I splash a little tad of Mascara on the lashes. Just a little bit does make your eyes stand out. This is not to look feminine in anyway as normally crossdressing. But just to help my
    overall male appearance. Nothing wrong with that. I'll save the red lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow for girlie sessions, although sometime I use some minimal foundation too, on problem skin areas
    around my nose and chin. We can look good as males too.

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    I'm a guy in guy mode, but that said, I always trim and discreetly shape my eyebrows, and use brown (not more noticeable black) mascara if going out.

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    Pretty much everyday. Mascara almost always, "nude" tone eyeshadow (mostly browns) and some foundation. Occasionally a bit of contour, well blended.

    My foundation evens me out a bit, but doesn't really eliminate beard shadow.

    Of course I always wear earrings. Mostly studs, and always coordinated with my outfit.

    I am sure it gets noticed, but slightly since I wear glasses, and don't go dramatic or heavy.
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    my favorite is eyeliner and eye lash mascara. i have long eyelashes to begin with and it just intensifies if you will the length.

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