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Thread: Dr's visit questions and testing??

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    Dr's visit questions and testing??

    Was went to get my annual physical. The nurse drawing blood ask me if I was on hormones. She said that blood would have to be in a different color tube. Just because I shape my brows, grow my hair, grow my nails, paint my toes does not mean I am on hormones. But I thought it was weird she asked. Now that I am thinking about it, she was smart to ask.

    I complained to the Dr. about the usual bladder problems that men get after 50 and if they are cyclists. That's right frequent and urgent bladder problems.

    The Dr. offered me Flowmax. I tried that 4 years ago and I tossed them in the trash. I did not like the side effects.
    Then he offered me something else but what it did was to block testosterone, hence reducing the size of the...
    I said sure I would take that. In the back of my mind thinking I would like to see what would happen, (grow Breasts), ya right.

    Then he changed him mind and came up with a erection disfunction pill. (Much smaller dose) and it has the wanted effect.

    But I thought it was weird that both my long time (12 years), medical people made a comment to me about being on hormones.

    I will be getting these today. Fun with modern chemistry........

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    I just went through the same thing. The nurse picked up a set of tubes because my wife was first in the door and when she found out I was the patient she changed the tubes out.

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    WOW what a story.

    I do have a little gynecomastia and my Dr asked me the same thing.

    The just said he was going to watch it and asked me to call him if I got bigger (up top) lol

    He did not give me a erection disfunction pill though. . . not that i would have taken it.

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    Since supplemental hormones would show up in lab results and perhaps skew diagnostics, it seems prudent to ask a GM about hormones (and maybe that includes testosterone) when that person has outward signs of being transgender.

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    I've had several blood tests over the past 10 years and never been asked that question.
    Only fasting or not.

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    I would think if the male patient was presenting with visual suggestions of transitioning with hormones those are valid questions. There are medical protocols to follow. I think it is a more relevant questions since you have been a patient for twelve years. It tell me someone is observant. When I go for my annual physical (everyone should) there is a review of my medications. I hope everyone reads the adverse reaction page inserts for any prescribed or non-prescription medications.

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