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Thread: For those who are out and about "en femme"...

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    I forgot one: an "Excuse me dear" by a GG and bringing to my attention that, having used the ladies I'd walked out with the back of my skirt tucked in my tights. Girls together eh!
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    A college girl complimented me on my legs. I was insufferably proud of myself for a week after that!

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    I love getting "ma'am"ed and I've even been "miss"ed before...that just feels good!

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    I have been told that I pass. Now I don't know if that is the women at Sephora's being nice or truthful. I do know when I go out to eat i'm always treated like a woman. Again do they know and are just being nice or do I pass that well. At 5ft 6 135-140 ads. I do have a feminine build so perhaps that overrides any questions they may have.

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    I don't believe I pass, but I have been treated with decency.

    1. Trying on clothes at Nordstrom, and chatting with my SA friend Karla, a GG who was also trying on clothes said "so cute".

    2. First time in the ladies loo, the women next to me says "that's a beautiful dress". Wasn?t expecting that.

    3. A guy waiting on his wife at Nordstrom says "you've got phenomenal legs you might as well show them off."

    4. A young woman at Savers tells me I should stick to short dresses because I've got great legs.

    5. A sales agent at a White House Black Market in Chicago, who I met earlier that day, was giddy about seeing me try on my latest buy from another store.

    6. A store full of friendly SAS at a store in Melbourne, Australia, including one who referred to me as "her favourite customer".

    7. Plus making multiple GG friends from being out.
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    First there is no need to pass.

    Whether they see you as a GG or a trans woman there is no difference in how you are treated.

    What makes a difference is who you are as a person. That is once you get past hello.

    For me it was when the girls at the bar took me in, and I became one of the girls at the bar. This is a small town locals hang out.

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    I really dislike the term "pass" because most of us will never truly pass or be confused with a cis woman. The defining moment for me is when people treat me like a woman and not like a freak or curiosity. Humanity, kindness, empathy, and the ability to relate is where the magic happens. These are all possible even when we look like a man in a dress. All of these.

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    I may fool people from a short distance but if you are talking to me you know what is what. People are mostly civil and friendly no matter the circumstances and that is what matters, it has nothing to do with passing. When you experience that you quickly learn to appreciate just how easy it is go out in public without fretting about having your secret discovered.

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    Angela - This is very encouraging to hear. I am hoping this is true for me too but the first time is going to be nerve-racking. I think for me it would help if I was to meet up with others CDer's in public for the first time. That may help me relax and give me the confidence to venture out on my own. I am planning to visit a place in the near future that hosts a gathering of others like us on a monthly basis. I can talk with others in person and learn first hand how to be confident going out in public. Thanks for the positive advice!
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