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Thread: doctors appointment

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    doctors appointment

    hi there
    today i and to go to the doctors because of pains in my hands
    i normally wear panties and pantyhose under my guy clothes and sometimes a bodysuit
    but today i didn't for some reason, but i did have ladies boots on
    so i got to the doctors and the nurse took my blood pressure and it was too high
    so she took it 3 more times then the doctor said i should have an ECG,you know the electro heart thinggy
    as the nurse started putting those sucker things on my legs i realised how awkward the situation would have been
    if i did wear pantyhose and a body
    i really wasn't expecting anything like this ,i don't think i would have died and I'm really not sure if it would have bothered
    me that much but it would have meant getting undressed and the nurse knowing

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    Believe all of us?a medical practice focuses on one thing, and that is doing their job. What you wear when you show up for an appointment is not even among their concerns.

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    Rest assured, medical professionals have seen it all. When much younger and in the armed services, I turned up to a full medical fully under dressed. It was a female doctor. not a word as to my clothing that day.

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    I totally agree, most Dr's will not respond to anything we have to offer....
    That being said, in a small town, Dr's might share their stories with those that we are not ready to have them know......
    Maybe 6 or 8 years ago, I went to my Dermatologist for a follow up. He knew I was a nudist and was doing a full body checkup for skin cancer.
    I kept my socks on, he asked me to take them off.......................
    I was in the procedure room with the Dr, his assistant (woman) and his wife (also serving as a assistant)...
    I went into a panic mode for a fraction of a second KNOWING my toe nails were bright red................
    I pondered for less than a few seconds, then decided, who really cares, if he wants to look at my feet, I'll take off the socks.
    Instantly absolutely nothing happened, I was standing their almost nude with bright red toe nail polish.
    He looked over my feet, no one yelled and screamed and it was all over in a few seconds.
    Like other have said, Dr's have seen it all, and even if they don't approve will not do anything to let on that they have any opinion on our desire to dress / or pretty ourselves as we do.
    Since then, I do remove my nail polish from my feet, but leave in my belly button piercing that any male would be shocked to have the world see.....
    I guess at my age I have owned up to that, although just a few days ago I was in the dentist chair, wearing a thin long sleeve layering undershirt.
    And a open flannel top shirt, my piercing was well outlined through the thin undershirt. I felt that the dentist took note of my navel jewelry, but nothing was said.
    I live in a much smaller community now than I did years ago, but at my age I have taken the attitude that I no longer care much what others might think about my desires...........
    Although I still avoid putting my desires to dress etc on show for all my neighbors to view.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daphne g View Post
    doctor said i should have an ECG,you know the electro heart thinggy
    as the nurse started putting those sucker things on my legs i realised how awkward the situation would have been
    Your EKG might have shown your heart beating a little faster than normal.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    Pretty sure that they have seen it all plus some. The fact that I shave my entire body is a give away but at least they do not have to shave my chest when they put the sensors on!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jane G View Post
    Rest assured, medical professionals have seen it all. When much younger and in the armed services, I turned up to a full medical fully under dressed. It was a female doctor. not a word as to my clothing that day.
    Maybe trying for a section 8? Clinger!
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    Never see an MD dressed - I want his or her attention 100 % focused on my health issue and would be concerned about elevated pulse and blood pressure readings.
    I don't see an upside for me from the health care POV so its always en drab

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    I went to my doctor expecting a quick in and out. She sent me for 2 different x ray series.The first tech was a young woman who X-rayed my hip. I had on women's black nylon boy shorts. I don't think she realized I had on panties. The second tech took, upper body xray series was a man who made sure I was fully covered with the exam robe. He didn't see anything.

    You can always ask for an exam cover.

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    Going to the doctor is a health maintenance activity. I wear a suit and tie to work every day yet I try to schedule my medical appointments at times that aren't near the work day so that I don't have to take off (and then put back on) a jacket, a tie, a shirt, and a t-shirt. Convenience and expediency are my objectives, not the doctor or nurses thinking that I'm a sharp dresser. Same would go for underdressijg.
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    Doctors and nurses have probably seen it all and will probably remain professional.

    That said, we have a friend who is an ER nurse and they will talk about you among their co-workers and friends. Our friend would often talk about her patients to us and not in a flattering way.

    Me, if I know I am going to the doctor (I have an appointment today), I will be dressed fully "male" including white briefs, even though it's just a follow up.

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    I had a Dr's appt last Thursday. I wore all of female clothes to it.
    It was less bra and nylons. Did wear pink anklets and loafers. It was
    my first visit to this Dr so I didn't know what all he would require. He did
    take off my shoes and anklets to look at my feet and ankles. He also
    pulled my pant legs above my knees. Still had traces of red polish on my
    toes and we had a laugh over that,

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    I found a doctor who does LGBTQ medicine!

    The tech who did my blood work complimented me on my shoes.

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    Told my doctor that I'm trans. So the last time I came in wearing all female cloths and makeup. Minus my wig she liked my booties said she had the same ones in tan.

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    I'm in my phase of 6- month follow ups with my battery of doctors. I've stopped worrying about anything, and if I'm wearing a bra the day of appointment then so be it!

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    Had a Dr. appointment a couple of weeks ago. Went in dressed drab (not even underdressed) but that is normal for me 90% of my life. This turned out to be a new Dr. that I had never met before and she wanted to do a full exam except for hernia and prostrate. I have another Dr. for that. Because my liver Dr. had made notes in my file concerning my swollen ankles, she wanted to see my legs and feet. Ooops, I forgot about the nail polish on my toes. When she saw the red metallic polish she asked, Nail fungus and I answered, Yes. Later I told her how we, wife and I, had gone for a pedi. and wife had suggested, and in fact almost insisted, that I get the same colour as she. Did she think it a lie? I don't think so, because it wasn't, and the only thing she did say about it was, isn't it wonderfull to be pampered. Oooh yeah. I do admit to being embarrassed by having her remove my shoes and socks and seeing the polish on my toes. She was very professional about the whole event. Did she say anything about it after, to her nurses? I don't know and really don't care.

    She might have said something later in the week as a reference, something like, Oh we had a male patient in this week or last week that had the prettiest red metallic toenails. As has been noted before they have seen it all.
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    I wear unisex underwear to the doctor. But I keep shaved completely. Never got a comment or even a curious look during a physical.

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