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Thread: Ghost Orders

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    Ghost Orders

    Anyone else?s Wife/SO call spontaneous orders ?Ghost Orders? ? My wife came up with the term for those random unexplained packages that arrive in our mailbox or charges that post to our joint account. Who else knows what I?m talking about, lol!

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    Feli, the answer is to have a separate credit card or set of gift cards and use Amazon pick up boxes. I found out the hard way when a JCP order went through as a ship to home, spent probably 80% of my afternoons looking for the mail truck so I could intercept the package, won't go through that again.

    The other answer is to come up with a new hobby, one the wife has no interest in such as RC models, hopefully any packages will be ignored.

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    You can do as Jamie suggests, or maybe it's time to come out. In any case, as Ricky Ricardo says, you have some 'splainin' to do!

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    When I worked from home and my SO was out working, having things delivered wasn't such an issue. However when for a couple of years I was office based I switched to using drop points from where I could go and collect my bounty.

    I've also got a separate account that I use and, having gone paperless statements, my SO never bothers to look. As long as there's money in the accounts she's happy.

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    My wife controls the finances (which is fine by me) so anything that I acquire for my hobby I do in person and pay cash. I used to be a little shy to do so, but nowadays who cares.
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    Same here, Monique. My wife goes through the credit card sheets with a find tooth comb looking for errors and fraud. I have to keep a log of everything I buy online and which card I use! I have bought things online in the past and used a money order and had it sent to work but now it is buy local with cash. And I have a lot of fun buying in stores! Plus no one cares.

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    My wife has always known of my hobby, so I don't worry about femme deliveries. Just the same we have received deliveries and I have asked her did you order this and she says no, and I didn't order it.
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    Thanks all, my wife knows and is accepting/supportive. It is just a joke we have and she came up with that term to ask me if I placed a ghost order. Helps keep it from the kiddos too.

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    I/we know exactly to what you?re referring. My wife just smiles and says ?you got a package?. It?s also with the understanding that I will model my new item, with the exception of lingerie. She can?t stand what I love and wear..underwires, hose, etc. I appreciate her very much.

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    I'm a gunsmith as a hobby and as a student (aren't we all learning something new) so any packages which arrive that she didn't order she just assumes they are for my hobby.

    "Gee honey, what did you get from JCP?"

    "New boots."

    "Didn't you get some just last month?"

    "Yes but they were the wrong size and hurt the corn on my little toe."


    It worked fine until she opened up a package and there was a pair of 4 inch heels inside. That took some 'splanning.
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    My wife knows, and would be fine with me ordering stuff through Amazon. However, it has been years since I bought any clothes. I do have some of her old leggings that I wear at times.
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    Wife? Oh yeah, I had a couple of those (not at the same time). My purchases were no problem with my second wife, but evidently wearing what I purchased in her presence was.

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    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a spouse who goes through every single line on every receipt like its an IRS audit.

    She doesn't care what I buy, but woe is me if I lose the receipt.

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    My wife knows and doesn't blink an eye when a package shows up. She used to be a bit snoopy, but since I dress when she is home no more questions. Once in a while she might ask about a package and I just tell her she will see when the time is right.

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    In my DADT relationship, she doesn't know "the whole story" so I have a separate Debit checking account for Candy funds.
    Last time I order some t-strap high heel pumps off of fleabay, I had it shipped to our home as she works and I am retired.
    The UPS delivery man stopped at my wifes local work where she runs the front desk and asked her if she want my package or should he deliver it to our home!!!!!!
    I got the package at the front door and didn't know the whole story till my wife got home.
    I was LIVID at the UPS driver to say the least, and told my wife so.
    What if the package was your birthday present, and you opened it?
    So I got her to tell the guy to deliver my stuff to the address listed, period...
    ....and not to tell her I have a package.
    But she did ask me what I bought and I mentioned I ordered some it wasn't a lie.
    I still don't trust the delivery people that know my wife and her work and home address, so I usually just shop locally or have a single like minded friend who will call me when my Secrets In Lace order arrives at her house.
    Candice Coleen Kowal ....all my friends call me Candy!

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