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Thread: Dreams

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    I don't remember most of my dreams but I'm talking about dreams related to crossdressing.

    Every once in a while, I have had dreams that I was out somewhere and wearing breast forms. Usually, I am trying to hide them or in some cases, I'm not wearing a bra and I'm trying to keep them from sliding down my chest. Weird, I know!

    I can't remember ever having a dream where I was out in public dressed as a woman and just doing normal things like driving or shopping.

    So, If you have had dreams about crossdressing, let's hear about them. And did you ever dream that you were actually a woman?

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    I had a quite vivid dream a few nights ago where my wife and I were getting ready for church and I was dressing as a woman. (This would never happen in real life) I could only find one thigh high stocking and she offered me a pair of her pantyhose. Unfortunately I awoke before I was fully dressed. I took it as a sign of her acceptance.
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    I have had dreams related to cross dressing in the past. None recently though.
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    I have lucid dreaming of crossdressing - that semi conscious period before sleep - but have no recollection of dreaming in REM sleep of being out and about en femme.

    The absence of such dreams has puzzled me before, I am not sure why such a large component of life is not there - it seems unlikely to never remember one, perhaps it speaks to the strict social observance of gender roles

    suppresses the - I don't know. Maybe being single and able to dress on my own time table and without issue negates the impulse to dream.

    It is a good question - I have many odd dreams - that I can still reacall but nonce centered on CDing.

    Even in the years I faithfully slept in breast forms with the nightie etc - still no big REM shows to report.

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    I often have weird dreams but they are a mishmash of my life. Memories working a hot road crew, farming, flipping burgers, looking for apartments for work and dorms at school, always cheap and run down, being forever short on money and on and on. The crossdressing deal pops in now and then, right in the middle. I will be buying lingerie in a big city shop or going through boxes of old castoffs but nobody around me says anything ever! I handle the foundations and garters and stockings and heels and wear them--always indoors but am always seen. I never venture outdoors in the dreams. Strange how all that lifetime stuff comes back and circles through.

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    I distinctly remember a dream from my early teens in which I got dressed and went before my parents for their opinion. They would declare I didn't pass, after which I would go back and try again. The only other dream I recall is from just a few years ago and I was going to a Super Bowl party, and stopped to put on panty hose and a skirt before going in. I remember thinking, in the dream, that I must be insane for doing it.

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    I distinctly remember having dreams where I was crossdressed and where I was a women. However, I have had none recently.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I have only had a couple of crossdressing dreams. I only vaguely remember one where I was on the defensive for being dressed that way. Not much to it.

    On the other hand, I have nightmares very frequently during rem sleep typically 1 - 2 hours after going to sleep. My wife is really tired of it because she has to wake me up. She made the mistake of grabbing my arm one night and I thought a monster had my arm. She said I almost hit her in my sleep. So now she just gets up and turns the lights on and yells at me to wake up. So far the only one this week was that I dreamt a Medusa like dark figure was hovering over me. Sigh. Not likely to ever stop because I have had it since I was a kid. At least I do not dream about plane crashes or elevator malfunctions any more. Go figure.


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    I have variations of a common theme. I'm wearing a skirt, top, bra, etc. There's going to be a party later and I know I should change. My wife keeps telling me there's no rush, the party doesn't start for a while yet. And then at some point, I realize the party has started, there are people everywhere, and no one has noticed my clothes yet. I need to go change, but I'm afraid that if I get up people will notice.

    I probably have one like this about once a month.

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    Twice (I think) I have had the dream that I'm at work and I realize I'm wearing a skirt, but nobody at work seems to notice.

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    I have them all the time. Just fragments about dressing. They do not always make sense or fit together with other fragments. But after going out enfemme in public for years, I always figured I was living my dreams! lol

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    Never have has crossdressing dreams.

    I do had terrible dreams of crap going wrong at work and wake up feeling like I am going to have a heart attack!

    I would gladly trade those for crossdressing dreams!!

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    Some say dreams can be either fears or wishes. Occasionally, I?ve had both. Fears?getting caught, accident, etc. Wishes?a successful, accepted shopping spree. They are fewer and fewer the last several years.

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    I have dreams about crossdressing almost every night. Usually about me crossdressing in public and nobody noticing me. I just blend in

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    I do not often post here, but you’re discussing one of my favorite topics. Quick history. 52 years old. Heavily abused (tortured) by a half sister and a catholic priest from age 8 to 14. Cross dresses as a safe space. Prayed to be a girl to have relief. Completely forgot the trauma until I was 48 and had all the memories come rushing back when we learned that a relative had abused one of my daughters for sure and the other two more than likely. Practically broke me. I never dreamed about crossdressing, but I did have the worst nightmares my whole life. Non descript with me being chased by monsters and the like. And I was an active sleeper. Sleep walking, screaming, falling down stairs. Falling through first story windows, walking outside in the snow and locking the door behind me. This was all blamed on sleep apnea because I had no recollection of my abuse. Fast forward to 4 years ago when I nearly broke. Went to see an abuse therapist IMMEDIATELY and on a frequent basis at first. During our sessions, I relayed to her my cross dressing (which started as a defense mechanism to the abuse we determined). She started by having me sleep with a teddy bear. The tactile feedback apparently helps calm the nightmares, and while it helped, she then suggested that I try sleeping in lingerie. My wife was fine with it, so I started wearing breastforms and lingerie to bed about 2 years ago. The nightmares started to abate and I have not had one in over 1 1/2 years. I know that this sounds crazy, but it is true. I swear.

    As for your question, I dream exclusively about cross dressing and/or being a cis female now. I cannot recall a dream in over a year where I am male me. Again, my therapist says that the tactile feedback is the key here. The funny part about all of this is that I have recurring dreams where cis Camille is discussing her dreams with the same therapist and cis female Camille dreams of wanting to be a cis male or crossdressing as a cis male (not exactly looking like me). It?s a real mind blowing concept, I know. It is gender dysphoria in both directions, and it messes with me constantly. I decided that I would never transition because:

    1. I know that I would never be happy either way. Best to maintain the life I have. I have been released from therapy and go about my normal male life with a monthly cross dressing session with a local group in public.
    2. I would never put myself or my family through it. Suffered enough.

    As long as I am happy and nightmare free, this is the best I could hope for.


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    Every now and then I have a dream that borders on CD, like I am getting ready to. I might have the lipstick on, but the dream ALWAYS strays off into something else before anything much more can happen.-----what a downer.

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    I haven't had one of those dreams in quite a while, at least a couple of years. But I have had them in the past and they vary from being dressed and nobody notices to one rather X rated dream that was, well, interesting. I was a woman and with a man. Kept me awake for awhile after that dream. I have noticed they seem to appear at times when I am experiencing a bit of gender dysphoria. A couple of years ago I went through a brief period of rather intense dysphoria for about 5 or 6 weeks. I had several during that time, but as the dysphoria subsided so did the dreams. Now my dreams are either in male mode or there is no gender reflection at all.

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    Actually, just the reverse happens to me. I have not had a lucid dream about crossdressing - yet. However, it must be on my mind because CD thoughts will often wake me up, and I mean VERY awake. Often in the middle of the night. I will come to the computer and go on the forum, sometimes even dress a bit, especially if I have something new. I kinda like it.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandi Beech View Post
    On the other hand, I have nightmares very frequently during rem sleep typically 1 - 2 hours after going to sleep. My wife is really tired of it because she has to wake me up. She made the mistake of grabbing my arm one night and I thought a monster had my arm. So far the only one this week was that I dreamt a Medusa like dark figure was hovering over me. Sigh. Not likely to ever stop because I have had it since I was a kid.
    This sounds a lot like sleep paralysis, not really a nightmare 'cos you can't wake up or even move. I've had that since I was a kid as well. Can be scary stuff - my wife knows and has learned to deal accordingly.
    Check it out -
    PM me if you want to talk about it more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krisi View Post

    So, If you have had dreams about crossdressing, let's hear about them. And did you ever dream that you were actually a woman?
    Well - I have two recurring dream-themes in the CD related category,

    The first one is where I find myself "caught" in the middle of a group of people while dressed
    I find myself worrying that someone will be upset, so I try to sneak off and change to male clothing.
    I never seem to manage to break free long enough to do.
    The good part is that nobody ever seems to notice (or care) what I'm wearing.

    The other one is where I'm doing whatever the dream is about - and somehow my wardrobe gets involved (such as worrying about people being able to see up my skirt if I climb a ladder)
    In these dreams, my clothes are just my clothes - and aren't at all what the dream is about.
    So - maybe in these dreams, I'm actually a woman? It's hard to say, since my gender isn't a concern in these dreams.

    I can't say I can remember ever having a dream where the dream was ABOUT dressing up. It's a "plot twist" at most.

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    Most of the dreams that I can remember have nothing to do with cross dressing. I have a nerve entrapment that sometimes gives me considerable pain during sleeping that seems to inflict violence in my dreams. Sometimes my REM sleep is interrupted by some external stimuli which jolts me awake and I get a glimpse of those dreams. Too many, male or female, are filled with violence. On the male side they are brutal combat situations; reliving the past too often. On the female side there is a lot of violence upon my female state of mind. I know most people do not adhere to possibility of "past lives" influencing a current life. When I was about four years old I started having visions/dreams of a woman who had been assault and killed. And that woman was me. Why a small child would have those dreams or visions totally befuddles me. I know the content of those visions has had some influence on my cross dressing.

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    My CD dreams are pretty much the same as Saralin's.^

    I'm partially cross dressed around people that I would never reveal this to. Or, those people can see me going thru a lingerie drawer. Either way, no one notices! No worries...
    "You're the only one to see the changes you take yourself through", Stevie Wonder

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    Dreams Are Messages From The Deep

    This is really syncronistic. I was thinking about posting about a dream I had and came to the site and found this.

    I have never dreamed about crossdressing before but last night I dreamed I was at a sort of hotel or conference centre for some sort of event over the weekend. I was allowed to wear a costume so I chose a long dress with flounces around the bottom and wore it all weekend. No one commented or seemed to see anything out of the ordinary. I normally have anxiety dreams but this was very calm and very pleasant.

    I would love to know what people think it means. I’m sure there is great truth in the words with which the Dune Movie opens, “Dreams Are Messages From The Deep”

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    I have regular dreams about embarrassing dropped bra straps when underdressed.

    Strange really, as I need to wear a bra all the time and I keep my straps strictly under control, through keeping them tight and locating them in my permanent bra strap shoulder grooves!

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    I had a dream recently that I was at a busy restaurant, and right by the front door, inexplicably, was my bedroom dresser where I keep my stash of lingerie. I'm sitting at a table hoping no one opens the drawers and looks inside. But thinking back on that dream now, I'm realizing, so what? It's not like I write my name on my underwear.

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    Oliver Sacks addresses dreams, observing that patients may sometimes dream of the onset of a disease before it physically manifests. In some sense, he suggests, the subconscious was aware of the disease before the mind was prepared to perceive it. He also observes that dreams in some cases are an early step towards recovery, citing his own example of struggling with walking with a single crutch while recovering from a broken leg, dreaming of mastering it and recalling the dream the next day, taking up the crutch and walking without difficulty.

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