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    Finally happened

    Well if finally happened, 2 girls took pictures or video of me. I'm not sure I'll explain. I sat on the couch tonight and my wife asked me if I was going for a Maria drive. I told her I haven't been going out lately because it just isn't worth the risk and I'm trying to control the urge. My wife told me the car has tinted windows and if I dress respectful and act respectful and don't do anything stupid to attract the wrong crowd I should be ok. She added that anyone can be as careful as they want but things can happen under any situation and most of all the car needs gas and she tells me she knows what a thrill I get doing that, but the truth is she hates gassing up the car. I decided to go, I picked up a coffee and even though I'm not doing who knows what, it just feels so good to kind of be out dressed pretty.,I went to the gas station I always go to, I like it because it has lots of lanes and there's only one pump per lane, so I go to the outside lane and the attendant can't see me except on the camera and only a few cars come to the outside. I was pumping the gas and a SUV came around and passed me, I noticed the truck made a three point turn and it was now behind me with the lights shinning bright at me. Rule #1 for me is, never make eye contact, I couldn't figure out why it was behind me unless all the lanes were full and had to form a line, so I turned my head to the left and noticed there was a lot of empty lanes. I now decided to stop pumping and I turn again to the left to put the pump back and now I have to put on the gas cap and close the hatch. My curiosity was killing me of who was in that car and why they were behind me. As I was putting the gas cap on I turned my eye to the right and seen two blonde hair girls stairing at me, when I made eye contact with the passenger she dropped her eyes down and I followed her eyes to the view of her cell phone pointing at me. My biggest nightmare coming true right in front of my face. I now feel my legs get week like butter and I started to get this uncontrollable shaking and I get into the car. When I pulled ahead to leave they pulled out also, they didn't even need gas. I go straight home and my wife was surprised I didn't have my ear to ear smile instead I had a look of disappointment. When I told her what happened she automatically apologized because she felt she encouraged me to go. I told her not to be sorry it wasn't here fault and it was just a matter of time. If my children and family knew about me I would have handled it different but because I'm kind of in the closet we decided not to tell anyone and we will deal with it when or if something happens. My wife didn't seem to worried, I told her I'm sure those girls are going to have fun tonight showing other people and having a laugh. I'm so disappointed

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    I've had this happen a few times (that I know of). I give a withering look and, if I can, I photograph them back - they usually looked panicked when I do that. There will always be a segment of the population who are just knuckle-dragging buffoons.

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    I am sorry this has you so distressed - as your wife has likely told you are doing nothing wrong. If it does get back to your kids they will continue to live you all the same
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    I've had a similar thing happen to me some years ago. Two young women trying to get a pic of me while I was sat in my car.

    I just stared hard at them and it seemed to do the trick as they quickly moved on.

    Smartphones are a fact of life, something we have to live with. Videos of a CD'er pumping gas is not likely to go viral these days so until that happens, just chalk it up to experience, one of those things.

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    I'm sorry it happened, we all know that everyone (except me) has cell phones with cameras now days and with all the security cameras we are always being photographed. Just have to hope and pray that it doesn't get posted somewhere. You was doing nothing wrong and unless you was dressed provocatively I don't understand why people do that.

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    I agree…you did nothing wrong. Its unfortunate that some intellectually adolescent people may get a momentary laugh at your expense. I am surprised they went to such an extent simply to get a picture. I suppose the cover of darkness can bring out the worst in people, even young women.

    I hope this does not discourage you from getting out. But if pumping gas appeals to you, consider how much more fun you can have if you make a day trip to a coffee shop. You have done it before and it seemed to have gone very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelaYVR View Post
    I've had this happen a few times (that I know of). I give a withering look and, if I can, I photograph them back - they usually looked panicked when I do that.
    I was starting to get concerned until I read this tactic. Excellent was to handle the situation in real time...something for us all to keep in mind.

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    Maria, as others have said, next time film them back. A lot of people think something is funny until it happens to them.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Just out of curiosity what are you wearing, is it something revealing or super curvy (body shape) that attract their attention? Maybe you are driving a supercar.
    Do you know Xam?

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    I am sorry you experienced that. Unfortunately there are a number of immature individuals in society. There is always a slight risk of something like this happening to those of us who dress and go out.

    Personally, I avoid gas stations as they are essentially busy parking lots. I used to do that years ago, but not now. Where I live , you only need to be 16 to drive so those pumping gas can be fairly young.

    I pretty much go to bars, clubs, restaurants, and occasionally a mall store like Dillards. People doing that sort of thing are more likely to get called out by others when you are surrounded by people. The safety in numbers saying does help sometimes.

    Don?t let it get to you too much. Like others said , this will not likely end up a viral video.


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    Sorry this happened to you
    This is part of the reason I dont go out.
    I was shamed a dissed enough as a kid. Definitely dont want to go there now.
    my sister's reply when I told her how I prefer to dress

    "Everyone has there thing, all that matters is that you are happy, love what you do and who you do it with"

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    Maria, sorry to hear of your experience. I agree with Sandi..immature and narrow minded people. I, too, stopped going to gas stations for the same reasons. Even though it?s a challenge, when I go out, I try to blend in, which means, little, if any, makeup, no heels, hose, dresses, skirts, etc. blah! Our going out consist mostly of car rides.

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    Someone seemed to be video-recording me on the toll road from a passing car a few weeks ago. I can't remember whether I was dressed en femme or not -- some kid having fun doing I don't know what. I decided not to react. Really, I believe that's the best thing.
    "If you are lucky enough to find a way of life that you love, you have to find the courage to live it." -- John Irving

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    Just act natural and keep doing whatever you're doing and ignore them.
    In this day and age we have no idea who or how many are taking pictures or video of us either intentionally or accidentally.
    Let them have their laugh.
    Wear something pretty every day !

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    When I hear of girls acting like this. I just think. They are jelous we look better than they do/

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    The unfortunately there is no expectation of privacy in public. Further, some idiot uploads the images to a Facebook account and shares with the world. Hopefully, you're not driving an easily recognizable car.

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    Maybe it's about time to tell some of children/family knew about it, so you wouldn't have to panic. Children come first. Given today's propaganda it may be easier.Just those that need to know.For me it's 3 of the 4.

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    It happened to me once, I asked the group if they would like to come and see my show.

    They then all withered away and I heard no more.
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    and beauty will follow.

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    It's so easy to forget that we are constantly under surveillance. Everywhere except for the privacy of our homes. Cameras are everywhere. Silly people with cameras, too. You will be OK.

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    You should have went "all Karen on them" & made a huge scene.

    Definitely viral-video material!

    Okay, in all seriousness? If they were really filming/photographing you, then, well... You got "read."

    Welcome to the club?

    Fact is, unless one transitions young & is blessed with great genetics? Probably ain't gonna legit pass with a GG, no matter how hard one tries.

    Okay, so what exactly initially drew attention from these 2 GG's? Only the OP may have a better idea -- but I'm going to throw out a couple obvious ones off the top of my head...

    - Wearing a shorter skirt/dress, perhaps with hose & heels

    - No appropriately-proportioned hip/butt padding (especially from the straight-on rear-view)

    And with those two in combination?
    Immediate dead-giveaway!

    Not only will one draw extra attention to themselves -- but will probably have a much better chance of being read, upon further scrutiny, now that eyes are on you for longer/harder.

    Obviously there are plenty of other things, for sure. But these are a couple of the biggies, from observation & experience.

    Seriously, without feminine hips, particularly, that suit one's frame? Your odds of passing or blending are going way down. At least with those, an observer may temporarily question that it's a CD'er -- just enough to create some doubt that it may really be a GG, instead.

    Anyway, sorry this happened to you.

    But, this is just one likely consequence of getting out there all dolled-up.

    Of course, drawing attention & getting read is one thing... But to then be filmed/photographed? Well, welcome to CD'ing in the 21st century!

    All one can really do is learn from it, and move on, being that much more experienced going forward.
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    I think you will be fine and your wife sounds supportive which is great. Remember eventually this too will pass no matter what happens. I was filmed once and I gave them a big thumbs up and a smile. That was the last I heard of it.
    Just another man in a dress

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    I've had it happen to me in male mode by a 20yr old girl who was a gigantic bully and she took my photo and this incident took place across the road from my home and I was worried she was going to follow me home but thankfully that didn't happen. I didn't say a word to her or do anything but because I didn't get out of her way (she was half my size and age), she thought (and I use that term very loosely) that I deserved abuse. It still shook me up though. If I had been dressed up, I can only imagine how much extra it would have messed me up.
    I like the idea of filming them back.
    Fight fire with fire

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    I saw a bumper sticker once that sums it up.. it said "mean people suck". Filming them back is a GREAT idea! Turn the tables on them.
    I just want to be me, and be happy.

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