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Thread: On a run of bad luck with dressing opportunities!

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    On a run of bad luck with dressing opportunities!

    I normally get a Monday as a free day to dress, as my wife is in work. The last four Mondays have worked out something like this:

    Monday 1 - I was ill, and in bed all day
    Monday 2 - Wife was ill, so didn't go into the office.
    Monday 3 - I had to run some errands, which meant no time to dress.
    Monday 4 - Window cleaner was coming over, and my working day was so busy I didn't have the opportunity to dress.

    My wife was then due to go into the office today as a one off, but for one reason and another she wasn't able to. I'm really disappointed by this, as I had gotten my outfit out ready in the wardrobe, and was all set for painting my nails, putting on false eyelashes and a full face of makeup. It's like the world is conspiring against me to stop me dressing!

    I'm hopeful that next Monday will be back to normal service, and I will get an opportunity, as she doesn't work over Christmas and I know that I won't get to dress between the 17th December and 5th January!

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    Sorry to read that you've had arun of bad luck with dressing opportunities, I do hope you get back to normal service next Monday.

    It's horrible not being able to dress, I should know it's been well over a year since I had the opportunity myself.

    Somedays I've been crawling the walls and I've been a right irritable so and so.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Lotte x

    PS Nice name BTW

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    It does seem like the cosmos is working against you lately. Good luck next Monday!

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    It's a small delay in the grand scheme. Think of how much time these few weeks are in the duration of your life and you'll see it's not all that bad.
    It just seems worse because it's the here and now.
    Wear something pretty every day !

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    Sorry to hear about your plight. As Frank Sinatra said, That?s Life. Dress underneath?

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    NJ, where else?
    Charlotte, sorry to hear that, had my day sort of taken away as my daughter stayed home but I did lock myself away for an hour or so for some sorely needed alone time.

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    This is the unifying lament of many here: planned dressing days gives the universe time to sabotage you. The secret is to sneak up on the opportunities and pounce before fate intervenes. Act disinterested and aloof and then at the last minute pull on a dress and run!

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    Charlotte, It is terrible when the stars align against you.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I have to make a conscious effort to not hang too many hopes on a dressing opportunity. I was really wanting to make something happen for Halloween, but no luck there. Lately, I make very tentative plans, and am always prepared either wave off, or jump at the opportunity, as the situation allows. So, in the last month and a half, I have had like two dressing opportunities for a couple hours each, and four call offs. I just have to keep my expectations in check.

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    Hoping your string of "I don't like Mondays" end soon.
    If your not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room.

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    I feel you, I'm in a bit of a dry spot myself. I'm currently in college at the moment, and due to a pretty intensive club I can't dress up too often. While this week is thanksgiving break, I'm spending it with family who doesn't know. I could have brought some stuff to dress up in, but I didn't want it to get caught, and wanted to spend the most time possible with my family. So its definitely bittersweet. The killer though, was I went shopping earlier today at Macy's to pick up some new outfits (my guy wardrobe was in serious need of updating), and I found these awesome heeled boots that fit like a glove when I was able to slip away for a few seconds. But there would be no way to sneak them out, oh well I guess.

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    Living alone and not having kids, i dress to some extent most nights after I have my dinner, but
    do under-dress most of the time.

    I have to be careful of unexpected visitors , and I live in a small unit complex where people
    can, if they want, see into other tenants' units unless curtains are drawn, so I don't go the
    whole hog very often - just a top and skirt usually, although I do have a couple of lovely dresses.

    This afternoon, while picking up a 'click-and-collect package (a new bra), I spotted a pair of
    'breast-enhancers' for $10 so I bought them. Couldn't wait to get home to try them, so I
    slipped them in while I was out doing some photography (in guy-mode, but under-dressed
    with bralette, cami and panties). Felt so good - much more comfortable and natural than my home-
    made bra-filler that I use at home. Now I just need an A-cup or B-cup bra and they'll be perfect
    (mine are mostly 14D).

    I did seriously think I'd be scared or embarrassed, but I actually wasn't. Although I wasn't in a
    crowd and wasn't 'obvious' it IS the very first time I've come even close to being 'out there' en-
    femme in any real way. I can't pass, and don't try - so I like flying 'under the radar'.

    I'm giving today a big 'tick'.

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    I think it was the Scot Bobbie Burns who said about the best laid plans often going astray. I think that is my motto.
    Sherrie Lynn Pall

    Sometimes I make sense and that frightens me.

    Please don't let me be the last post on this thread

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    "Shit happens!" The last time I had an opportunity to fully dress was New Years' Eve of 2020 when my wife babysat overnight at our daughter's apartment. The slack has been taken up by the fact my wife and I sleep apart for medical reasons which affords me the opportunity to sleep in bras, panties, slips and nightgowns. I'd love to go back in time to when my wife was not fully retired and still working full days as a teacher. But, it is what it is! Hang in there!

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    Hi Charlotte,

    As the saying goes, "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

    I to have been going through a dry spell lately. What makes it worse is the Pink Fog is driving me nuts.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    Tomorrow is another write off, as I've been bed bound with another episode of fatigue and infection. I've been having these bouts every 6-8 weeks since I had covid 18 months ago, and I'm getting very little support to help deal with it.

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