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Thread: What Music Makes You Feel?

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    What Music Makes You Feel?

    Listening to Kate Bush’s album from the 90s, The Sensual World. Not sure if it’s her, that she is a very feminine vocalist, or her style. Then I wondered if certain music makes me feel more feminine. I think so. Even certain rock bands, like Journey and Styx and Death Cab for Cutie and others make me feel more comfortable with my femininity, and emotions, and crying to certain songs, and dancing around the room alone. Reflecting on the title of this thread, I realized, yes, it’s music that makes you feel who you really are. Especially when no one else is around.
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    I have a dance folder that sees action almost every week - stuff from the 60s - 80s

    - Andy kim - rock Me Gently
    - Almost any ABBA but esp. Mama Mia
    - The Tymes - You Little Trustmaker
    - Right Said Fred - " Don't Talk Just Kiss"
    - Belinda Carlisle - Heaven on Earth
    - Queen - I want to Break Free
    - John waite - " Missing You"
    - Harlequin - " Innocence"
    - Blondie - " Dreamin'"
    - Hot Chocolate - " Miracles"
    - and many more

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    The song that makes me feel feminine is Tall Paul's Radio Mix of 'I Feel Divine' by SJ.
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    Abba and Blondie always simmer the Pink Fog, but when I'm alone and the Fog is thick, I put on Roxy Music. A GG friend of mine played them when she gave me a make-over. 'Beauty Queen,' 'The Bogus Man,' and 'Mother of Pearl' make me want to dance.
    There is also a couple of late night college radio DJ's that play 80's dance music that make me want to jump into my stockings and heels and hope not to break my ankles.

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    Listening to Heart, Judy Collins, and Karla Bonoff makes me feel feminine. I love to sing along with them!

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    K.D. Lang's "Diet of Strange Places."
    I am a vessel of the goddess. Let me express my calling to a feminine life through nurturing love and relatedness.

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    While I'm a big fan of "oldies" music, I have to mix in a few more off-the-wall songs.

    Mea Culpa - by Enigma (I have a whole movie in my head based on that album)
    Wicked Game - by Chris Isaacs
    I'm Not in Love - by ELO
    Cristofari's dream - by David Lanz
    Nights in White Satin - by the Moody Blues
    Secret Luminescence - by Lucia Hwong.

    Hmmm - I seem to like more "emotional" music when I'm not acting like a guy,

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    Anything on the radio when I'm dressed and out and about.

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    Hey Julie,

    Music is intertwined with my dressing but in a different way. Because I go out clubbing while dressed, there might be some song played I like that night. If I know what the song is, or I ask someone who plays a song, I will later put it on my phone. Now, when I play music off my phone, probably every few songs, there is one that I reminisce over. The first time I did that was in 2017 when a couple of women next to me were singing to a tune being played in the bar. Now I can not listen to that song without thinking about that evening. It is great for memories. That song was Santeria by Sublime. The song itself is not feminine, but it has a strong effect on me but is only one of many now.


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    Oh, I dance, sing, cry and really let it all out when listening to music while dressed en femme.
    Some faves:
    Odyssey - If Youre Looking For A Way Out
    Carole Bayer Sager - Youre Moving Out Today
    ABBA - Lay All Your Love On Me
    Patsy Gallant - From New York To L.A.

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    I like most songs of what I mentioned below. Some hit more than others.
    Spice girls
    The Corrs
    Britney Spears
    Lana Del Ray
    Kylie Minogue Crystallize
    Mazzy star fade in to you
    The Sundays wild horses
    The kinks Lola
    Rose Chronicles Blood Red
    Walk in darkness

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    i guess stuff like sophie and other sorts of avant garde pop and some female fronted punk bands.

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    Songs sung by women, from a woman's perspective, about a woman's life. Some sad, of course, like Karen Carpenter's Superstar and Goodbye to Love. Dionne Warwick, Walk on by. Leslie Gore's California nights. Carol King, It's too late. Janis Ian, At Seventeen.
    Beverly Bremer's Don't say you don't remember. Most of the Supreme's and then Diana Ross' later songs. Mama Cass' Dream a little dream of me. Cathy Dennis' Too many walls. Santana's The Game of Love, but with of course Michelle Branch's vocals, a few happy love songs, but mostly broken heart or unrequited love lyrics. And, oh so many more. I've got a whole long play list of songs that help me immerse myself in what I feel are sort of being female feelings, many written by women, so I kind of guess they might be authentic.
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    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    I know what I like in you wardrobe Genesis. Man I feel like a woman Shania Twain

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    Being a musician for 48 years, all music makes me "feel." However, different music has different effects on me. As far as what affects me in a feminine way, it would have to be easy listening and love songs.

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    Certainly "Running Up The Hill" by Kate Bush.

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    ABBA Dancing Queen every time. Also Kylie Minogue "Can't Get You Out of My Head." And weirdly, Game/50 Cent "This is How We Do" because I imagine shaking my butt on the floor to it and it gets me excited LOL

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    Like Linda, I?ve been a musician for many years. My love for music ranges runs the spectrum, from classical to jazz, rock and roll, American Song Book, etc. but, easy listening, operas, and classical are my choices.

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