Hello again y'all.

Our group here in Orlando (FEM Florida) has scheduled our next meeting and Christmas Party next weekend on December 3rd. Our meetings are generally the second Saturday of the month but due to the Christmas season we always have our December meeting the first Saturday.

This will be our second in person meeting since Covid. Last month's gathering went real well with the pot luck being a big success! My crock pot bean soup was a hit! I thought I made too much but turns out we didn't take home very much at all! I did over cook the corn muffins a bit and had about half of them left.

Anyway, again, if you are interested in helping our group grow back to the size it once was (pretty big), or would like to get out in fem and would like to join us, please let me know and if not this time maybe on January 8th.

Have a very Merry Christmas !

Take care