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Thread: A Good Day

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    A Good Day

    Well today is my birthday and as it happened my SO was going to be out for a good few hours so I'd get a bit of dressing time. All going to plan, off she goes saying she was going to put petrol in her car before running her errands. So home alone I start to dress and then my mobi goes off and it's the SO.

    "Fuel filler flap won't open!". "I've trued locking, unlocking the car several times and it still won't open". So I told her to hang on and I'll come take a look. Strip off what I'd started to put on, back to drab and head out thinking she'll want me to run her around in my car. Anyway I got there and sure enough the filler flap wouldn't open but I looked at the gauge and told her she's more than enough fuel to do what she needed to do. " If I run out of petrol you'll have to come and get me". "You won't" and happy with that off she went and I was able to go back home and put on a fully lined skirt, silk blouse and heels, forms of course and spend the next 2 1/2 hrs just doing a few little tasks around the house and enjoying the feeling of being nicely dressed.

    One thing I did do was look online to find out how to get the filler flap open. Turns out you can access the solenoid from inside the boot (trunk), move it with a finger and the flap can be opened. Problem solved so that made the SO happy upon her return.
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    Happy Birthday Helen; Funny about the Fuel Cap. My Wife (Helen) drove a school bus, and the fuel cap would never want to come off.
    So I made her a tool out of some Plywood with a slot in it where she could place it over the Fuel Cap and get better leverage on unscrewing
    the cap off. It worked for her, and many of her fellow bus driver mates where envy of this tool.

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    Helen, I'm glad you got to dress and solved the car issue all in one day. I wish I had a few hours in my house to dress, but my oldest daughter is always home.
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    Happy Birthday Helen! Glad you got some time to dress on your special day!

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    Happy Birthday! Hope you were able to get some fem gifts, even if you had to buy them yourself.

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    Happy Birthday

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    Happy belated Birthday. Glad things worked out in both the car and some time to dress.

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    Happy Birthday, Helen! Glad you got to dress and the car problem was a simple fix! Birthday Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    Belated happy birthday Helen. Glad you could dress on the day.

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