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Thread: The adventures of Kendra Sue

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    The adventures of Kendra Sue

    I had the best day!
    Let me give you background first.
    I was married to a dadt spouse for 49 years.
    She knew of my affliction to silk. She wanted nothing to do with
    me expressing my feminine side
    I did my dressing in secret.

    Well an event happened in Feb 2021
    My Wife lost her 6 year cancer fight.
    I was devastated.
    If there was a plus side ... Kendra Sue could
    Come visit whenever she wanted. I practiced the
    art of passing. I finally learned how to pass.

    Well this was not just good enough. I went to lunch with a widow while fully underdressed , I worked at the food bank totally underdressed.
    Well I made the boldest move of my young womanly
    life. I said lets present as I female. Must have worked
    never got a second look. They even called me manm.Even bought some fresh panties as any lady would

    The night was young. Unfortunately I skipped dinner and got dizzy and confused and crave somewhat erratically
    I ran a stop sign in front of a deputy sheriff.
    This whole time I was presenting as a woman.
    They obviously knew I was male.First question have you been drinking? I said NO!
    a local officer took over and mad me blow in a tube.
    I blew zero.
    In retrospect I will be mailed the $15 ticket that can be paid on line
    Strangely enough this told me transvestites have come a long way
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    This is fantastic. Congratulations, Kendra Sue. I love that you were inspired to purchase fresh panties. They certainly beat used panties. In all seriousness, it's wonderful that you have made the most of such a difficult loss in your life, and that you have found the courage to let KS explore the world. Enjoy!

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    Got lost in the pink fog and crossed the thin blue line.

    As you say, it does show just how far things have come. Good luck with your further adventures.
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    That is awesome Kendra Sue! Well worth the $15, I would say. Wish ours were only $15! I wouldn?t stop at any sign if they were! Lol. More like $150 and a point or two.

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