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Thread: Do you think all Males have tried on Girly things like Dresses, Panties, and Bras

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    I know a few guy's that think that crossdressing is for the sick and perverted. Yes, they are very narrowminded, and think that if people don't think the way that they do, then it's all the other persons problem. I am related to a couple of those people, so I have to be careful what I say.

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    No Way / non/ nein / nyet

    They don't believe the " I lost a bet schtick" to explain being dolled out in 3 " pumps either.

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    In the 1960s there was an all-boys 4H club in my hometown area. One year they all dressed as girls for a 4H play. I guess they enjoyed it. I was in a different club, mixed genders. We did a play too. Our theme was a hillbilly wedding. My sister dressed as the best man and I dressed as the maid of honor. I certainly enjoyed my part.

    I just noticed that crobeson96 mentioned a Marlon Brando movie called Guys and Dolls. That was the name of our 4H club! I never heard of the movie before. I see it's from 1955, so that must be where our 4H club name came from.

    By the way, I imagine most men have probably at least thought about wearing women's clothes at least once or twice, because movies and tv have been showing men dressed and made up as women at least since tv began. It was considered humorous. Nearly everyone has watched such portrayals and I don't see how men would not have at least had a brief thought about crossdressing as a result of watching.
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    Lela, I agree and the question we should be looking at is motivation. I started dressing on my own at about 12 or 13, slowly built up to finally visiting a makeup store earlier this week, 47 years after that first time. About 2 years prior my mother dressed my brother and I as young girls for a Halloween contest at church, I can still remember the outfit which was borrowed from the girl next door along with some black patent go-go boots.

    When my brother was in college, he and his frat brothers dressed as cheerleaders, borrowed uniforms and full makeup (courtesy of the schools cheerleading squad) for a big Halloween event and to the best of my knowledge that was the only time he did so.

    The big difference between the two is that I had completely different motivations and more importantly I kept going back to the well. Any look at the two would see a huge difference but to the question posed, we both wore women's clothing at some time in our lives and I think the focus should be on the motivations and evolution. Clearly the same label or designation doesn't fit both of us, but that is only just a label and looking at why someone is doing something might drive the discussion further.

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    We tend to view something like this through Cross-dresser coloured glasses. Not every guy who puts on a piece of women's clothing feels what we do. I think of a summer camp where, at the end of the two weeks, the male camp counselors dressed up like girls for a comedy bit. None did it again.

    Likewise, my daughters' school used to have opposite day during a homecoming week, where the guys dressed up as girls. Again, nothing permanent happened.

    As a contrast, I veered away from any such activity in my youth. I knew I had the urge, and didn't want to feed it.

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    Yes, all have.

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    In the 50s probably about half have considered wearing something,but since the internet.....

    Look at Youtube, Ebay and silicone boobs that are available. Someone must be buying them.

    Nowdays I would sat most men or boys have dressed up in female clothing.
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    It really comes down to honesty and power. Women's clothing, like anything feminine, has a unique power to make us feel a different way. That power is universally appealing. THen it takes honesty to admit we like seeing ourselves in a new light and feeling this way. THen social pressure, conformity, and "what would my friends think" kicks in. It was my deep dark secret for more than a decade. Lots of shame but so much fun to be me.

    I have no doubt that many more boys and men than we all think have crossdressed. My guess would be 70 percent or more. Just a guess. THe other 69% just don't talk about it. Doesn't that make you feel special?

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    Yes I think most men have in the past or would even like to try them

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarinaTwelve200 View Post
    I believe EVERY guy has wondered "I wonder what I would look like as a girl?" Most every guy has at least tried Lipstick or a dress on ---if only for a joke or for FUN. Only SOME of us get an erotic "charge" out of it.---and they become "classic" Cross Dressers.------------Yes, "Trans gendered," and "Gay" guys Cross Dress too,(Verb) but they are Gay or TG and do it for other reasons. A "Cross Dresser" is a straight guy who CDs.
    It's a much broader spectrum than you list Maria. I'm certain that there are plenty of TG folk out there that don't present as such in every day life, are happily married etc. There is so much more to life than what we wear and even, dare I say, how we present to others after all.

    Whether other males have tried on female clothing, who knows. I dare say many will have for a dare or a joke and then just got on with their lives.

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