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Thread: Most Memorable SA Experience

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    Most Memorable SA Experience

    What was your most memorable interaction with a Sales Assistant?

    Were you dressed up or in drab? Were you alone or with a partner? Was it exhilarating, embarrassing, empowering, mortifying, liberating, delightful, humiliating?

    Whether it was a great interaction or a bad interaction is secondary, I'm curious as to what was the most memorable face to face encounter you've ever had with an SA.

    In my case, I will always remember the time when I was at a checkout counter and inexplicably blurted out that the several pairs of pantyhose I was purchasing were for myself. The cashier didn't even bat an eye. She continued with the transaction but offered her opinion that one of the shades of hose I was buying would not be flattering.

    It was a surreal moment and definitely memorable.

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    Mine was at the MAC store, in drab. It was the busy Holliday season a decade or so ago and I walked into the MAC store at the mall and explained I was having a hard time finding my foundation color so she plops me in the chair and starts trying different products. She did an amazing job and wanted to see my enfemme photo which I showed her. Spend like half an hour there and walked out with a bag full of makeup and some freebies. She even started me an account under Karren so they would know what products and shade I used.

    My next best SA was the owner of a local exotic lingerie store. I emailed her and asked if it was ok if i could shop there. Not only was it ok but they carried a line of TG things. She helped me try on a couple corsets. There is nothing like having a woman cinch up your corset! I made multiple trips to here store and bought couple corsets, padded girdle, bras, and a couple wigs. Really liked that store, too bad it went out of business during the pandemic.
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    Not exactly an SA experience but I so loved getting spray tans while wearing just panties (not super sexy ones but it was obvious from the VS waistband)…. The tech was totally cool with it and we had fun (just goofing around nothing beyond platonic fun)
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    Oo, I get to tell this story again!

    The incident I have to share happened inside a thrift store. I was out in the town after a makeover and wanted to see an item that was locked inside a glass case near the checkout counter. I asked the checkout lady if she could call someone to help, as she was busy serving customers. So the lady says to another co-worker some 20 meters away:

    Jenny, can you show something inside the glass case to this...this...

    and at that point she seemed to be at a loss of words as to what to call me. She might've panicked a little, as she had clearly not finished her sentence and the silence was getting a little heavy, so I went to her rescue.

    I don't mind being called a person, I said. Person suits me fine. - I have no idea why the word "customer" didn't occur to me. That seemed to diffuse things and life went on.

    I posted that story and others on This thread.
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    Being in a dress shop when I was much younger in drab. I was looking through the rails when the SA (owner) asked me if I would like to try some of the dresses on . Of course I did . She asked to see me dressed with wig nylons etc complimented me and gave me advice.I left with a dress , scarf and handbag.

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    I was returning some holdups to Debenhams while enfemme as they didn't hold up. I explained to the SA that as I was walking across a car park into a DIY store one of the holdups "Started heading south". This description she liked and made her smile. She then started asking me if I ever moisturise my legs as when she'd done it and worn holdups it was a sure thing the same thing would happen and the holdup would become a sock PDQ. This was just two gals swapping experiences
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    I was getting married on Halloween and wanted to wear a wedding dress to our reception. So I went out looking for a wedding dress at some thrift stores and a wedding dress shop. I was shopping in male mode and explained the situation and had fun trying on a bunch of dresses but could not find anything that fit, that was lots of fun as I was just starting my journey into cross-dressing on a regular basis. I wound up wearing an Angel Halloween costume without the wings and halo and it kinda looked like a sexy wedding dress.

    Peace & Love

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    I have had so many positive interactions, I just got to where I just go ahead and show them a picture of me dressed if I am in drab. They typically go oh wow that is you ? One gave me her business card and said anytime you need help, call me. Those kinds of responses are just golden so I am no longer afraid to share with them what I like to do for my ?hobby?.


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    I wracked my brains trying come up with something here! You'd think after shopping for women's things for 25 years some SA would stand out wouldn't u?

    But, I ask for something, they get it. Then, I either bought it or not. To me? They've almost ALL been just fine!|

    Maybe always shopping in drab helped?
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

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    You always remember your first time?openly buying lingerie. In my case, I shopped first at an adult toy store. When I brought some thigh highs to the cashier she asked if I knew I had selected queen size hose. When I said yes, I think they will fit me, she smiled and said just a minute. She went to the back of the store and returned with an opened queen size pair of stockings and gave them to me, since they could not resell them. It paid to be honest!

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    Oh wow, there have been so many! To pick one is hard so I’ll give one of my earliest.
    I was in a Le Chateau (Canadian ladies wear) in drab and went in to ask about a top I saw on a mannequin. The girl asked me if know my partner’s size and I simply said it was for me. She looked stunned and so I said “well, you knew that anyway.” To which she replied “yes but nobody ever admits it”. From that point she was gleefully helping me, bringing other things to try to the changing room and implored me to come back when we were done. It sticks in my head because it was a wonderful, very positive exchange and it helped shape all subsequent shopping trips.

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    Great topic! I've been lucky to have had a few such encounters, with the best three in the past few months when I had the chances to dress and get out. I wore more casual outfits, trying to look like a 50ish woman out shopping during the day and feeling like I managed to get the details right (lighter makeup, french nails, a few rings and a bracelet, etc.)

    #1 SA at Sephora makeup store last Wednesday, helped with colors and products, could not have been nicer and more professional, just helped with picking out items and had no reaction to my "I'm a crossdresser" statement. She tried a few foundations on my chin as well as a few test samples of blush and lipstick, all the time just casually asking what look I was going for and my opinion of each choice. I will be going back for a full makeover as soon as possible!

    #2 SA at Target last August who had to manually enter the SKU for a black waist cincher as the one in my size did not have a sales tag. Again, she could not have been nicer or more helpful, cannot wait to go back there and really load up the cart!

    #3 SA/Manager at Sephora, she asked me to join the rewards program, had a few compliments on my attire and jewelry and truly seemed to enjoy having me as a customer.

    My only regret is not having had the confidence to do this years ago but then again I'm not sure the public was as busy and just not interested in seeing any of us wandering through the stores, malls or restaurants.

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    The best was about a dozen years ago at a David’s Bridal in a neighboring city. I made an appointment asking if it was OK because in all likely hood I would not be purchasing anything. They were emphatic that I come in.

    I started with a makeover at a department store makeup counter then onto the bridal shop. They were all so nice. We talked about weddings that we had been to and weddings we wished people would have. My consultant and I picked five dresses and off to the changing room. She came in with me and helped me get into these incredible garments. Never any comment other than which dress looked better and why. Which one went with my body shape and the different kinds of beading and lace. I learned so much!
    We would then Go out to the “ big “ mirror and take a look. Out there were other consultants and other brides. The other girls were so positive in their comments. No one asked what I was doing there nor were there any pitchforks, although some of the males in attendance looked confused.

    As I was standing there looking at my reflection, perhaps a tear or two was shed. The owner/ manager of that franchise came up, put her arm around me and told me that she enjoyed 4 wheeling on the weekends and that it seemed that it was OK for her to have some “ masculine “ fun and if I ever wanted to have some feminine time to just come on in and if they weren’t busy they would help me find that inner girl.

    I went in two more times, once more for a wedding dress and then later for a bridesmaid dress.

    They were always so nice.

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    I don't have enough space here to write all of them.

    My first time I had my nails done my nail tech Cailee was so excited about my getting a makeover.

    Julie my Sephora MUA who I still contact five years later.

    Diamond, Falon, and Karla at Nordstrom who helped me try on dresses for the first time. Five years on, I still text and see Falon and Karla. Got to say hi to Dontel at the same Nordstrom earlier today.

    The second time I got my nails done I met Michelle. We've been out numerous times since.

    A store full of sales angels at a Dangerfield in Melbourne, Australia.

    Victoria at the WHBM in Chicago who couldn't wait to see me try on a dress I bought at another store.

    The store manager at the other Nordstrom in town saying they "loved me."
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    In drab at Dress Barn in the 90s, getting the 'you want to try it on' question...and being too shy to say yes, but at that point I was better at picking things that fit me decently enough.

    A few times more recently when I get asked questions referring to a 'she' they think I'm shopping for and I just say 'she is me' and then we shift to that kind of mission.

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    Best ever is the SA at a local wig shop. She was so helpful and spent a lot of time with me looking for the right wig. Have been back a few times now and currently own 3 wigs.
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    I, too have had several great SA experiences. One in particular was at Macy?s in the hose department. At first I was a little timid, but she smiled, great eye contact, and made me feel comfortable. On my second visit, I was certain she knew for whom I was there. I was in drab, but wore panties and pantyhose or thigh highs. She too, suggested several colors and brands. Her favorites were HSR and recommended Barely There as the best color, which were her favorites. To this day, they are my favorites. On one visit, she was going on a coffee break and she asked me to join her, which I did. We talked about the weather, etc. and finally asked me if I wore hose. I told her ?yes? and pulled up my pants leg and showed her. She smiled and asked me several other questions. Sadly, later, when I came back, she?d been transferred.

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    The best SA experience I have had is with a wig shop SA. She showed me about fifteen wigs. She kept going back to one, stated it looked best for my facial structure. She then got it it in a different color that she stated would look best for my skin tone. She styled it for me. A really great experience.
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    When I was about 18 I went to a girdle store and said I wanted to buy an all-in-one for my girl friend.
    After I told them the size they figured it was for me and got me to confess.

    They treated me very nice and took my measurements.
    They also suggested some foam breast pads to go with the all-in-one.

    I wish I still had that all-in-one.
    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
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    As I related in a recent post, I had dared to go shopping dressed and, after asking if needed help finding anything, the SA called to me as "Ma'am" then said "I just wanted to tell you that you look absolutely adorable." Made my day.

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    So many great stories in this thread.
    I'm not naive enough to believe that some of these salespeople didn't have a laugh behind our backs (or just wanted to make a sale), but regardless of what they were thinking at the time, they showed respect and tolerance.

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    One to one interaction when buying clothes or lingerie is best. In my case when I bought some much bigger forms and went for a bra fitting one to one was great. It?s also great buying clothes and makeup and getting advice when all dressed up in my best clothes.

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    I haven't shopped en femme yet. I like looking thru sales racks and lately I've had a thing for tight stretchy tops.

    I had a little time to kill in another town but not enough time to drive very far. I ended up going into a dollar store and found a medium size top that stretched for $5. No extra large left so I decided to buy it anyway and took it up to the cashier.

    She said something about my wife liking it so I told her it was for me. She was flabergasted and said she couldn't imagine me wearing it! I joked with her saying that my big stomach would stick out etc and she still couldn't believe I was buying it for myself. I finally said, "yeah, I must have a teenage daughter".
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    In 2009 I walked up to the Lacome counter and stammered out a request for a foundation with heavy coverage. The sales associate told me that their foundations were very sheer, but asked me to wait a minute; she walked over to another kiosk and spoke briefly with another sales associate.

    Meanwhile I was turning red with embarrassment; I was sure they were shocked and appalled by my request. I fought the urge to bolt and run as I had done in earlier attempts. But I was starting to get weary of making excuses and being afraid. I had enough and I wasn’t going to run anymore. I was going to stand up to that bully who lived inside of me.

    From across the aisle came a smile and a petite wave. Soon I found myself standing in front of an attractive young woman who was the manager of the NARS counter. Kasey, I would later learn her name, was pretty enough to be a model. Her make-up, true to her profession, was artistically perfect. She quickly put me at ease and started to explain the different types of foundations available.

    For the first time in my life I spoke the truth openly about who I was. I told her that I was transgender and was starting to use makeup and wanted to develop a conservative business look for going out in the world. I didn’t know what to expect in return. I imagined the worst: disdain, scorn, condescension, but instead, she responded with enthusiasm and it was contagious.

    I listened intently to every word. Fifteen minutes later, I departed and walked proudly back to the car carrying my cute little NARS bag with my new foundation. Best of all, I felt good about my purchase; I didn’t feel guilty or shameful. For the first time in my life I felt acceptance.

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    Well, I was drab and in a department store. I was searching for some lingerie and found the cutest bustier with matching panties and a pair of seamed black stockings. It was a set and happened to be in my size at the right price. I waited in line for the cashier (well before the days of self-checkout) and as she was ringing it up (she was in her early 20's and very pretty) she turned to me and said "You're going to look lovely in this". I'm sure she was going for shock value and I just responded "I certainly hope so".
    Well when she finished picking her jaw off the floor she handed me my bag and change and I walked out with a huge smile on my face. Partly because of the interaction and partly because I couldn't wait to get home and see if she was right.
    She was right by the way...
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