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Thread: A few word slip ups

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    A few word slip ups

    I guess after a while you get comfortable with your wife talking about dressing things that you slip up at times. My wife had one today, she bought a skirt for herself and yesterday after work she asked me to try it and see how it fit and looked on me. I'm a little taller and a little thinner build and she instantly told me how much better it looked on me. This morning she was talking to her sister and explaining the skirt she bought and how envious she was that the skirt looked better on me. The conversation went quiet and she recovered with something about she hasn't been thinking straight lately.
    I had a slip up of my own on Friday when I was doing a service call and they were having a pot lunch Christmas lunch and invited me to stay. The girls were dressed much better then usual that made me jealous how women have so much more selection. I got some food and sat down, one of the girls sat next to me and she was wearing a sweater dress. When she sat down it rode up and to my disbelief she was wearing a slip, that's my biggest weakness. I couldn't believe my eyes I haven't seen a woman wear a slip in years. Another girl sat on my other side and she pointed at the slip showing and said "are you wearing a slip granny ha! ha! ha!. I instantly blurred out "it makes cents for her to wear one because she's wearing a sweater dress and the slip will let it fall nicely and the sweater dress won't ride up getting caught up on her tights. Well let's just say it went very quiet. The women pulled her dress down and taking away the most precious view I've seen in a long time. I guess things are going to get wierd on my next service call there. I guess we just get comfortable with some situations and we don't realize what we say at times. My wife has more then me lately, I guess us talking freely can cause slip up at times.

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    My wife has made comments to me that I might just want to cool it a bit and not volunteer so much fashion information when her and her friends are visiting. She said I know way too much female fashion information than a typical male.

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    I cannot recall what the conversation was about but my granddaughter (21 now) asked me why I knew about that referring to some women's wear. I told her having been married to your grandmother for so many years (45+ at the time) you learn about those things.

    Maria, I have to totally agree with you on slips. Full slips are my first love and still my favorite womanly garment. I love slip that have a lot of lace at the hem. Seeing a woman wearing a dress with a rather full skirt with a hint of a slip underneath will get my attention.

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    Many times it happens with us Maria.
    My wife will call out "do you want one of these" holding up a nice dress or top she thinks will suit me! And not so much words all the time, occasionally she will stride up to me and hold an article of clothing up against me, either nod, or shake her head, then walk off to find something else LOL. I have even spoke out in a store that i need to get home and take my hose or bra off when in drab, only to realise what i said when i get that dagger look from her.
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    I thought your sister in law already knew about your dressing. Slip ups are interesting - I think we worry about their impact more than the listeners (who I suspect will not remember)

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    I have had two wonderful conversations recently with two women, who were over eighty years old, about 50s and60s fashion including underwear, without any awkward questions.

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    Maria, my wife will often look at a women and state "I know you want that dress." She really does know my style. I thought your SIL was in the know about your dressing?
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I got some quizzical looks from the others in my team at the pub quiz, when I was the only one who knew that the word starting with a 'D' denoting the thickness of a pair of stockings or tights was 'denier'.

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    My wife has occasionally slipped up and made comments such as "We like to shop at Ross." or such. Once she borrowed a blouse of mine and wore it to dinner with friends. I was afraid someone would compliment her on it and she would forget and say "Oh, it's Homer's (not my real name)."

    I have so far resisted the urge to make fashion or wardrobe comments to women.

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    My partner and I speak together in French. And when we're out shopping here in Copenhagen or in Vienna, she just speaks normally: "would you like this top?" or "they don't have your size." I cringe in case there's anybody around who understands. I don't have to worry in England and she doesn't do it in Paris. Although we seldom shop in Paris; it's too expensive for clothes (Copenhagen is the most expensive for everything else).
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    My wife is a size 20/22, I'm a size 10/12. We are at an age where we don't care what most people think. If she sees some lingerie she like for me she will ask me across aisles if I would like it. When sales lady say they will look for it in her size she will tell them it's for me. I will never pass so it's mainly lingerie for me and a few dresses to wear at home.

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    If you find yourself explaining it on a future visit you could say you had dinner with your wife and a couple of her friends and you were just repeating what one of her friends told your wife because her dress was riding up.

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    On the quiz show, Jeopardy, last week, one of the categories was Fashion. Normally, my wife and I say the answers out loud if we know them. I had enough sense to keep quiet for that category, though I knew all five correct answers. I even correctly identified peplum from a photo.

    I learned to keep quiet the hard way. Long ago, I took my daughter shopping, as we often do together. To pass the time, I started assembling outfits for her. She remarked how competent I seemed to be. She made the same remark to my wife after we returned home. That was good for several weeks of hell from my wife.

    I grew up in a large household with my Mum, grandmother, two aunts, three sisters, and several cousins. I was an active and observant little fellow on everything, so I knew what women wore from shoes to hair and everything between. James Bond said it best in Thunderball, though my own knowledge lacks his sexual innuendo,
    James Bond. That gun looks more fitting for a woman.
    Emilio Largo. You know much about guns, Mr. Bond?
    James Bond. No, but I know a little about women.
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    Maria, that was more than a word slip up. That was a whole soliloquy. I have done similar. We long for freedom to do and express fully. Julie
    Inside my heart is breaking
    My make-up may be flaking
    But my smile still stays on

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