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Thread: I was whatevered

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    I was whatevered

    Working at Torrid has been pretty fun so far. It's been a great way to get out of the house and interact with people. Something that I have been missing since working from home because of COVID and closing the office down because why have an office if everyone is working from home. I've been working 3-4 hours 3 or 4 days a week in the evenings. I've only wore clothing from Torrid while working, with my hair and makeup done, small forms, and a chin diaper. Co-workers have been great.

    I've had mostly normal interactions with people coming in the store. 99.9% don't seem to care how I am dressed or presenting myself, I'm there working and helping them. I've been he, she, miss, and sired. I'll take that, I know how I am dressed and look.

    I've gotten a few cold shoulders, but they could just not want to be helped, I've noticed those same people not want to interact with co-workers either. Up till two days ago I only had only one little boy ask if I was a boy or girl, his mother shushed him said that wasn't nice (I think, it was in Spanish) and all was good.

    Then the two days ago I had lady say it was good someone like me was working there. I wasn't sure if that was an insult or what. This is Texas, and compliments can be insults down here. I decided it was probably meant to be a compliment, but my co-worker thought it was a strange thing to say.

    Then yesterday, I try and great everyone as we're supposed to. I only have one voice, and she might not have seen me as I was folding t-shirts as she came through the door. I walked over to explain the day's sales, so she saw me now. A few minutes later she headed for the door and said, thank you miss, sir or whatever. That got my co-worker to whip around and look at me. Then said, she could have not said anything and been more polite.

    That's only twice in almost 50 days. Not too shabby.

    I've also gone out more dressed and with my wife. That's still a little rocky and new for us both. I been wearing what I wore to work, minus forms and we've gone out to eat. She doesn't like me having boobs, fair enough. Only thing that's been strange is being asked if the bill is together or separate. 27 years of us being together, that kinda gets me. My wife says that is becoming more the norm for waitstaff to ask and not assume. I guess that's something to get used to.

    Still not ready to tell/show my kids though. Wife has said they know.
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    I does take some getting used to, being asked about the check. It really bugged my wife for a long time but she has gotten used to it finally.

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    Well good to hear I am not the only one who worked in a women's toggery shop.
    It does take a special personality to let comments roll off that come from customers.
    They are always right, you know, and as long as you understand that, you will go far in being a good sales associate.
    By your sharing of non typical situations, it comes off as you get clocked often but I gather this is not the norm.
    I rarely heard a comment from the customers unless it was directed at the personal sale of an item.
    It is not very often I got personal queries about myself.
    Being a sales associate can be very rewarding, especially in feminine mode as you get to interact with like minded people who share their take on fashion.
    Having a spouse who is accepting of you and the job your working..."PRICELESS!"
    Thanks for sharing your experience as it brought back a lot of good holiday memories of my sales experiences.
    Candice Coleen Kowal ....all my friends call me Candy!

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    Thanks for sharing - good life good wife

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    Thanks for sharing.

    When working with the public, you meet all kinds of people who have their own issues. Try not to take anything, that you perceive as a negative, personally.

    It sounds like a fun job.

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    hey billie, cant believe its 50 days already.... i volunteer at a thrift....customers take me in stride, the ladies are often fascinated with me, 6' 200#s, most men dont care....the ones that do stay away, dont know if all the staff is on board but the ladies i work with most are fun, one fellow always asks for help from me cause of his bum shoulder, think he likes me.....but i do have fun there.

    got sired at a costco the other day.....did not feel good but ill find a way to bother him next time....
    i dressed like a girl and i liked it! crossdressing...theirs an app for that those who deny freedom deserve it not for themselves
    NOBODY gets a pass to blow out someone else's candle in order to make theyre's shine brighter

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    Hi Billie,
    Sounds like things are going pretty well over all and wow 50 days already. Congrats. Your wife rocks! I think some people still don't know how to handle us and what to make of us. Very few of us (and for sure not me) can actually pass especially when we speak, so different reactions are to be expected. And lets face it we are Transgender so yes we are still men and see ourselves as women to some degree but others are not used to it and are not sure how to interact with us. Sounds like you do it right, just be nice and smile and most will return in kind.

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    Yes, this is Texas, and I'd say you've been lucky to have been treated well by so many. One "Karen" in fifty days is a good run.
    "Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones."
    -- John Lennon

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    Well, if the kids know and you are able to go out with you wife, I would say life is pretty good?even with the occasional rude remark!

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    Billie, Given the number of days, it sounds like a minor number of negative reactions. Good for you.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    karma will follow her until it bites her in the whatever. Just ignore ignorant people.
    Kelly DeWinter
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    Billie your living the dream of many of us. Thank you so much for sharing and please keep us posted.

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    Whaou !
    So jalous....

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    Overall, it sounds like a great experience Billie.

    I got a "ma'am, sir, ma'am" from a SA one time. I don't think it was meant to be mean. The place was crowded, he turned quickly and he started speaking before he really saw me.

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    Sounds like you're having a great time. I wouldn't worry about what other people do or say unless it is a direct threat, that's their problem.
    You get to choose how you react and that is your real power over the situation.

    So, sir, ma'am, or 'whatever,' own it and be proud of how far you have come and be sure to buy that wonderful wife of yours something special from Santa to let her know how much you appreciate her support.
    I am Me and Me is OK!


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    Texas? Only one "whatever"? Well, here's a "WOW!"
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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