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Thread: Becoming more feminine with spouse?

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    Becoming more feminine with spouse?

    Although my wife knows that I feel feminine at times, I have trouble becoming more feminine in front of her. For those of you that have done so, what do you recommend as small milestones to SLOWLY become more enfemme accepted with her approval? We get our pedi?s (with color) together. I occasionally polish my fingernails dark blue or black. She knows I wear pantyhose on occasion and masculine style ankle bracelets. I just want to keep progressing.

    Thx all 💋❤️

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    the best thing to do is talk it through - tell your wife what you would like to do and ask her if you need to have boundaries.
    Or - just get dressed and wait to see her reactions - the way I did it - my wife laughed when my skirt fell down to my ankles and the ice was broken!
    stay healthy,
    luv J

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    I’m also trying to present a more femme presence to my wife in order to slowly bring her around. She knows I wear panties, and I have my body shaved from my neck down. I recently painted my toe nails, and wear a sports bra under my sweats. One thing you might try is to adapt a more feminine posture and movements. When we lounge in front of the TV, for instance, I cross my legs at the ankle, lean slightly to one side, and let my arms rest limply on my lap. When standing, try placing your weight on one hip, and take small ladylike steps. Your body language can speak volumes about what you are feeling inside.
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    Dangerous terrain in a relationship. If you feel you need to progress, I would strong suggest that you seek prior approval.

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    So far, it's the way we talk mostly. We now often speak about women's fashion, especially as related to persons we see on TV. We talk openly about what we like and dislike in what we see in various personalities, their hair, clothing choices, makeup etc. We never did that until recently, after I revealed my crossdressing to her. I keep my mind open, and I've learned much. She seems to enjoy it also, so it's win-win. I find I often practice the body movements when she is around, she has not commented. And she always wants to see what I've bought...especially shoes w/heels, so I wear them around the house from time to time as well.
    We're coming along slowly but surely, and it's fun!

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    I would hold back on that "feminine: stuff around the wife unless she encourages it. The average wife or girlfriend expects "her man" to look and act like a man.

    Now if your wife accepts you walking around the house dressed as a woman, acting "feminine" while dressed as a woman is probably OK as long as you revert back to masculine behavior when dressed as a man.

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    My wife and I set up some "guidelines" for me to feel comfortable wearing women's clothing when she is around. I can wear anything she would wear around the house which pretty much limits me to guy clothes, LOL. I do dress in leggings, jeans, shorts, lounge pants on a regular basis and usually wear nail polish on my toes. I don't act any different than I would if I was dressed in male attire. I also don't throw what I'm wearing in her face or do say anything to highlight my outfit. So far she has not said anything good, bad or indifferent.
    - Robin

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    It's ironic ... I finally found a group of guys I fit in with. Funny how they all enjoy being one of the girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimdl93 View Post
    Dangerous terrain in a relationship. If you feel you need to progress, I would strong suggest that you seek prior approval.
    Please read what Kim has to say. So many think slow is the way to go. However, it is confusing and could definitely backfire when it becomes too much. It almost sounds like people who recommend "going slow" are trying to "train" their SO's (for lack of a better word). Please just tell her what you would like to do and how you are going to go about it. Have an honest conversation.

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    I don't intentionally act feminine around my wife. If I felt the need to I could certainly broach the subject with her. However, I do enjoy it when she shows me her new clothes or asks my opinion after she paints her fingernails etc. I think I come off as a little more fem. at times than I realize. I would rather tell her how I was feeling than try and manipulate my wife into accepting me over some arbitrary time line I have come up with.
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    My gf is great. All i wear of underware is panties. A bra as much as i can . Girls jeans 60 percent of the time. Toes always panted and pierced ears and light makeup if we go out of town

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    When ever I display the slightest little hint of femininity around my wife she scolds me! “You look like a girl! Stop it!” Duhhhh! Lol. Does not really stop me. I my mind it’s like a game with me thinking “hold my lipstick, watch this” to myself. She is surprisingly predictable in that way.
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    I dont have a feminine side, unless my estogen/test ratio gets out of whack.

    In the end of the day, i am a miad. I think my wife likes it that way

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    I agree that becoming more outwardly feminine without the express understanding and approval of a wife is not a good idea. My wife has accepted that I wish to feel feminine and wear female clothing, but she has made it clear that she married a man and does not feel sexually attracted to women or feminine men. She does not care if I wear panties or underdress, but does not want to see me en femme. I would love to be her girlfriend, but she is not offering me that.

    The one thing, though, that she has asked me to do that is more like a woman is to work on listening to her and be less interested in advocating for my point of view. I have chosen to be FAR more deterrent to her, and this has pays great dividends in her acceptance of me.

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