Hello everyone, Pixie here! I hope you are having a nice day.

I didn't think I'd post another thread here after some time I tried to find new hobbies, to be productive or looking for a "cure" once again. Though, about the second, I finally got a job! And it has helped about any feelings of usefulness, but that's not the focus of my thread.

Recently, as I'm more in my senses than when depressed or the like I remembered a question that a friend of mine has often asked whenever the topic of my crossdressing (or the urges to do it) arises. A question that instead of being easy to answer for me, it's rather a headache or my mind becomes sort of blank, it is "What do you get out of it?". Unable to say a response that isn't something too vague or cheap. Never able to say a reason besides "it's comfortable", even less when getting a response similar to "What do you mean? [Garment(s)] are very uncomfortable!". Not too long ago she even told me that getting to an answer takes some introspection, especially with her statement after that, which I know many of you will identify with: "For me crossdressing seems like a way to be a different person", which I have honestly never understood to be honest, but I see it's common among many of you here, which is curious to me.

So, at least for you, how did you get to find out your actual reasons to do what brings us to this nice online portal?

I'm sorry if any part of this comes out as nonsense or confusing.