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Thread: Another Lock down ?

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    Another Lock down ?

    We are probably facing a new lock down worlwide.
    I have a thought for all my sisters in this forum who will, like me, have no occasion to dressed due to lock down.

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    If we fully lock down again, I will be in the same situation with no opportunity to dress. I’m getting spoiled with my working from home on Fridays and getting to dress for a few hours while the kids are at school.
    I am just a guy who enjoys wearing women's clothing and there is nothing wrong with that.

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    Do over and let us try to reopen this thread.
    Yes many countries are locking down / the OP lives in France and many countries are doing this.
    This is a world wide forum, just because in your area it is not does not give the right to spout incorrect info.
    No one is addressing her fear of not being able to dress and or remedies to help her.
    No more mandate, vaccinations , political talk .This is the m2f cross dressing section .
    I will delete all the other comments and let us start over .

    Ideas to help the OP face another lock down.

    Mod hat off.
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    Not happening in Cal.

    Patty, maybe u and others who r unable to socialize dressed can use this as a opportunity to try out new looks at home? Or, wear some ladies hiking or biking gear and go out on your own?
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    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Bonjour Patty from France too. You are me a few years ago (except for the children, I don't have kids). In the closet, not going out, still discovering, very rare opportunities to dress (not once a year). Then I came out to my wife two years ago, after 36 years together. That sure rocked the boat, still picking up smithereens and fixing damage (mainly broken trust, in addition to the weirdness of the dressing thing itself). We came to an agreement that I could dress twice a year to the full nines (or more frequently with no boobs , I chose the first, because, you know, boobs and crossdressers, a little intertwined). So I'm used to long periods without dressing. The itch is not huge, but when it comes, I tend to browse pictures I took during my sessions and it soothes me. Writing in the forums will help too, you will get a lot of support, even if the experience of others doesn't necessarily translate to yours. Telling your wife would be an option too, but it's a two-edged sword and must be decided and planned carefully, and done for the right reasons.
    I don't think a lockdown will be put in place here, but if they increase teleworking it will still be a problem for you.
    Good luck and PM me if you like.

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    They say these things are sent to try us and goodness knows these past 2 years have been trying for us all.

    I must admit to not being fully up to speed with the measures currently in place in France but I get the impression they're not as all encompassing as in earlier times.

    It does seem that while Omicron is spreading more quickly it's effects seem less severe and hopefully, with a little common sense from everyone, we can find a way to both control the spread and enjoy some sense of normality.

    Lockdowns have proven to be a double edged sword. For some like yourself they have been limiting, for others the opportunity to work from home has been just wonderfully liberating.

    I try to be philosophical about things I have no control over. As they say in sport, play what's in front of you. Things will get better it's just a matter of patience, staying calm and carrying on. Think of it this way, you have something to look forward to and when it comes, life will suddenly feel really good. A groundhog day for your first ever trip out.

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    Patty, you posed the thread in a question form. Responses to Covid are always in a flux. In previous posts you indicated your married to a wife who has no knowledge of your CD-ing and have two kids. If there are restrictions to entry into businesses, then you're probably going to be limited to taking a stroll. I don't know how fem you need to appear for satisfaction. I read you wanted to go out totally en femme which in my mind meant some degree of privacy in order to prepare. If that become not doable, then perhaps it means under dressing and completing the look in your automobile. Masking really helps as it eliminates the need for a lot of makeup. I think it is safe to say Covid has reduced our expectations. I am a married retiree in a DADT marriage. I am severely limited because my wife is now home bound because there is not place to go for an extended period of time. In pre-covid she babysat overnight for our daughter which would give me a day here and there. Since, our daughter's family is limited too, there is no need for overnight babysitting free service. I'm stuck, too, although I do have the opportunity to sleep in a nightgown, panty and bra. Frankly, if the kids are home, you're stuck. You have to reduce your expectations.

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    I feel for those that will end up without the opportunity if another lock down comes about.
    I hope that doesn't become the norm.
    I don't wear women's clothes, I wear MY clothes !

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    It is a lot like being retired! Staying at home, playing with the grandkids.

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    I can see if you are in a DADT or worse relationship it would be an issue. I wish I could help with some great advice! For those with accepting wives it sounds like fun!

    I doubt we will lock down here again. The state I live in barely locked down the first time around. We locked down for a couple weeks, an the state went with a mask mandate which had maybe a 80% response. I called on customers and most of them gave me crap when I came in wearing a mask so I rarely wore one.

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