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Thread: thank you for keeping it clean.....

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    thank you for keeping it clean.....

    so when people come here in the intro section my reply is usually "its a safe place for us to share and learn about ourselves"

    well why is that....the Moderators....selfless....they have theyre own demons and problems but they stay and give this place the tender loving care it needs to help us All with support and information no mater how we identify....just wanted to give some credit where credit is due....i don't know if this is where this belongs.....but it belongs are appreciated....lets hope that being visible will become easier and more accepted as the months go by....

    Thank You.
    i dressed like a girl and i liked it! crossdressing...theirs an app for that those who deny freedom deserve it not for themselves
    NOBODY gets a pass to blow out someone else's candle in order to make theyre's shine brighter

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    Agreed Mykell, without moderation the site would not be the place that it is.


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    I think this forum has picked many up when they are down . Long may it continue.

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    Mykell, I agree, the Mods deserve our appreciation.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I agree. I think the mods do a good job?a sometimes challenging job?of keeping this site focused.

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    Before joining here years ago I remember lurking for about a year or so. I couldn't believe what a decent site this was, sometimes to clean. I appreciated this and that's why I'm here and the Mods deserve some credit. Thanks

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    I agree with all the comments. Great site, excellent moderators. It has helped me tremendously.

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    As someone who's been in the dog house a time or two, I would like to agree with everyone above. SOMEBODY has got to be the adult in the room and it's a good thing it isn't me!
    I am a vessel of the goddess. Let me express my calling to a feminine life through nurturing love and relatedness.

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    I agree! We definitely need rules!! I know I do, just ask my wife. I had just gotten here during or about the same time as the changing of the previous administration. It was a different site before that and I comment the admins and mods for making it a nice place to hang out.
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    Is my longest go to site. May it help others for many decades.

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    I'm glad I found this site because I have been on others and didn't need to see half the things people posted. I am just here to learn and explore my feminine side.

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    Absolutely! Totally agree and appreciate. My go to web site.

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    Yes, thank you mods! I've been involved in music/guitar sites that were like the wild west in terms of the language used and hostility toward varying opinions, not to mention the craziness in the social sites. I desired something where I could reach out, find validation and kinship in a comfortable way. I've been impressed with this site since the beginning, the work of the mods and also to the participants who understand this. A real breath of fresh air in an often contentious cyber-world.

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    This is why I love this site, because of the moderators! I appreciate the constructive criticism I get but with other sites, it gets out of hand pretty quickly. These moderators here have done a fantastic job keeping it civilized. Thanks to all who do this for us! You make it a most wonderful place to be!!!

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    I used to feel this site was not adult because of all the rules. But, u have to give the mods and admin credit. This site is safe, helpful, and always positive in attitude.
    Those r just some of the reasons why it's the most successful dresser site in the world!

    Learning to hold my sarcastic tongue was a small price to pay to chat with all of u lovely people about topics we can't chat with anyone else about, anywhere else!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Hi All

    To all those who have contributed to this thread so far.

    I am sure I speak for all the staff when I say, all your thanks are very much appreciated.

    Super Moderator....How to tell your partner......Abbreviations

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    Mykell, I second that 100%! Also, any of the mods are always happy to answer questions regarding the rules if you're little confused on them like I was. I had questions a while back regarding posting pictures and videos, went to one of the mods with my questions and of course, she answered them and clarified for me and I appreciated that very much. And I mean, I get it too, because I own two forums elsewhere on the internet, although they don't get a lot of visitors at all anymore. LOL..... But yeah, if it wasn't for the mods and their hard work, I'd hate to think what this forum would be. They DO do an amazing job with keeping the peace on this forum and I, too very much appreciate that.
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    I always appreciate what the moderators do as I am a moderator on another site. It is a car enthusiast's site and I've always used the concept that if I didn't want my 10 year old grandson to read it, it didn't belong on the site. Well, he's now 25; but, I have a 10 year old great grandson I can use to make mod decisions. This being an adult only site has to provide a bit more leeway which means even a more delicate balancing act for the moderators. You folks do a great job so far as I can determine.
    It's never too late to enjoy a happy childhood.
    Live each day as though it's your last 'cause one day you'll be right.
    I'm finding the more feminine side of me...and I ❤️ this adventure.

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    Yes, a BIG THANK to the moderators (moderatresses?) who tirelessly read posts, fix, edit, comment, give advices, and keep the place safe for everyone. I am still wondering how you can read all our ramblings and still find time to live your life. Again, thanks.

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