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Thread: Hair Growing Harassment

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    Let it grow let it grow let it grow. Merry Christmas.

    I feel everyone has to do what may work for them I never expect anyone to except most things I do, good or considered bad. Once again you have to do what works for you and the people you deal with.

    I've been in corporate management for 30 years, I could never let my hair grow. Dealing with covid has let a lot of use do things we never did before. I've let my hair grow now for something like two years and I get highlights every eight weeks. I have been getting highlights for twenty years now to help hide my graying hair.

    Before Ive let it get really long now, like to my shoulders I still had longer hair to below my ears which at work was considered long. One day as I was walking thorough our work cafeteria with my hair not near as long as it is now a guy I didn't know or ever talked to commented to me "I'd never let my hair get like that even if I could", I didn't say anything, got my lunch and went to my office.
    I ran into this guy a couple times after that and started talking with him. He turned out to be a really nice guy and was simply joking with me, by the way he's bald, ha ha and that was part of the reason he was teasing me he was also making fun of himself.

    Now my hair is to my shoulders I get compliments from women and stares from some guys. In my daily life I don't feel I look feminine just a guy with long hair. If my hair being long would be an issue with work I would have no problem cutting it shorter, once again I don't expect others to except anything I do. If it would be an issue at work they pay for me to represent them and if my hair was an issue I would have no issue in cutting it.

    Back to you Julie, do what works for you. I'll throw this out there, I have a girlfriend that doesn't know I dress. She didn't initially like my hair this long but just told me today she likes it long like this and not to get it cut?
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    Kristy, Thanks. Glad you are accepted for who you are. Julie
    Inside my heart is breaking
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