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Thread: Phone used for photos and the Google photo app

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    Phone used for photos and the Google photo app

    This is weird. The Google app on my phone saves my photos to the cloud and sorts them. It appears that Natalie and my male self are the same person.

    As a matter of fact the ME in Goggle app shows Natalie as me. I guess I take more selfies as Natalie as I do of my male self.

    It is kind of weird. I started changing the "Who is this" to Natalie Mxxxxxx last name here. Not my real name but a name I used as a woman.

    Google does not buy it. It still thinks we are the same person. And it is correct, we are.

    I just found that as strange.


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    That?s the problem with technology. One person in my SO?s social group googled his girl name in the white pages. His girl name, boy name, wife name, and address all came up.

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    If the result bothers you, drop Google and drop saving data to unknown vendors and servers, i.e., the "cloud". The saving to the cloud is only offered so they can mine your information [data and images] and sell it.

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    I hate to tell you, but facial recognition software is not usually fooled by makeup. It goes by eye spacing, nose shape, and other things that can be measured.

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    You can always change settings so that photos are not uploaded to google cloud store. Do not synchronize! Google help has the instructions, even if it take time to find it all. To clean them out is a different thing, more work unless deleting everything. The easiest way is to have two google accounts, one for each persona. Google does not care about me having a “brother” and that we have the phone in common. We even refer to each other as security person for account changes.

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    My phone is apparently very kind to me: I can use my face to unlock it in either mode but it does separate my photos [stored only on the phone] into two people.

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    Natalie, So I gave it a try and sure enough, google identifies Jamie and my male self as the same person.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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