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Thread: What was your gateway accessory?

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    What was your gateway accessory?

    Hi everyone - relatively new to dressing. I always wonder what attracted you to dressing? What was that article of clothing, shoes or outfit that when you tried it on you knew dressing was for you?

    For me, I used to dress in middle school and high school wearing my mom?s clothes. To this day, I have no recollection of what made me even try on her clothes, I do have a very vivid recollection of the first time I slipped on her pantyhose and the feeling of that silk rolling up my legs and seeing how it transformed my legs and feet making them smooth and feminine, I was instantly hooked. I stopped dressing cold turkey when I went to college and then, mid 40?s hit 3 years ago and I was going through a really difficult time at work I just got this overwhelming desire to roll some pantyhose up my legs and admire myself and so I did. Now I?m fully dressing and loving it. But it was the pantyhose that brought me back. Is there a gateway accessory or clothing for you that brought you into this life?

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    No one item but I was 7 and mom had always told me I was supposed to have been a girl my whole life. So when my baby sister was born I suddenly got the urge to go into moms closet when she and dad were out and we had a baby sitter, and try on her bras and panties and girdles and stockings, nightie. It was pure heaven. Been doing this for the last 6 decades.

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    I was a victim of my own demise. I had bet my girl friend(2years younger) than me that I could fit into her dress. I wanted her to take it off and we'd skip the bet. But no, she undressed completely and upped the anti. I couldn't back down, she wasn't gon'a let the bet go. So I stripped too. Then she took my clothes and I started dressing in hers. With her help I soon was in her panties,bra, pantyhose and slip. The dress was the easy part it fit like a glove. Her shoes also went on but were pretty tight. At that point with our swapped attire I became obsessed with CDing and especially swapping clothes and roles. Just that simple and true.
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    Women underwears... I think I was in love with lingerie. Dentelle, see through, pantyhode, stockings, every kind but needed to be sexy one.
    And one day I tried.. and trapped !

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    I think heels

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    Unlike most here, I had no CD experiences as a child or teenager. I was a young man when I, admiring my wife in her nightgown, asked if I could try it on. She agreed, and and I did so. She asked if I liked wearing it. I said no. I lied.

    I fought off the desire to try other articles of her clothing for the next 40 years. At first I would find discarded pantyhose and try them on if no one was home, but no more. After a few years of this scavenging, I stopped altogether. I finally gave in to temptation completely this past summer, purchasing my own clothes. I'm all in now.

    So my gateway? That nightgown.

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    Bugs Bunny did me in. . . .

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    I was about ten years old when found my mother’s girdle and stockings in her dresser drawer. I slipped them on, and my life changed.
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    Josephine, there is some kind of karma in our universe as your name and topic are too similar to my origin. I had an older relative of the same name and it was in the spare bedroom she used that I first put on a pair of pantyhose and a pair of black go-go boots, had a very unexpected reaction and have spent the next 50 years trying to recreate that feeling.

    I think we all find stress relief in CDing, whether it's to escape our daily duties and responsibilities or because that is how we feel inside but either way the magic that some item or combination of clothing over our mental wellbeing is real. I will say that until just a few years ago any item made of cotton was just not going to do what I needed done but now the focus is on the complete outfit, the more casual classy the better I feel.

    Thanks for a great topic!

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    A little white dress on my little playmate! When she threw it over her head, Little me wanted a dress! Mom said, "No, boys wear pants! Girls wear dresses! You are a boy!" That started it and that little girl was Lana! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    When I read accessory in the question, I was puzzled. Was she drawn into cross dressing by a purse? Then I read the OP. Well, for me it may not have been a particular item. I knew from a very early age that I was different. My older male siblings made that perfectly clear?although I was and remain a bit unclear about why. I do recall wearing an older sister’s slip and even at that early age feeling I had crossed some line.

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    High heels for sure and pantyhose along with them!

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    It was most definitely high heels that got me started.

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    Tried my mums tights/pantyhose when I was 10 years old .The feeling was electric and I was hooked.Loved admiring my legs in the mirror. They felt so soft sheer and feminine . Progressed to her slips, then started purchasing my own items.When I was 17 . Stiletto shoes and panties next.Followed by a dress and fitted wig. subsequent guilt and purges followed. Marriage and kids and less opportunities.

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    Josephine, it was so long ago, 55+ years that I can't say for sure. I know my mother had a Merry Widow which was on the attic stairs, they stairs were in my bedroom, that I tried on.
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    In my youth, next door neighbors lived sisters who often played dress up. One day they invited me to join them. At first, I really wasn?t interested, until I saw some pantyhose. I vividly recall, it was like they were a magnet, so I tried them on. BAM?that was the beginning. My mother wore pantyhose, but still wore nylon stockings with both girdles and garter belts. I was in seventh heaven. I remember putting a run in one of her stockings. So worried, but nothing was ever said. I now have a supportive wife and dress daily..retirement is good. To this day, I still get a tingle as I slip on my hose.

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    At age 4 or five, a silk kerchief on my older cousin's bed. She saw me reach out to touch it, and put it on me. I think this is my earliest memory of any kind.
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    Panties were my first love.
    Then came bras and of course nylons.
    My downfall though is shoes, I love shoes.
    I don't wear women's clothes, I wear MY clothes !

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    My sisters Party Dresses ! I was put into the dress by my mother and aunt when I was about 7 to fool a visiting nanny we had when we were babies . I couldn't believe how well the dress fit me and how I looked exactly like a girl! My sisters had a field day teasing me and after that were always trying to get me into their dresses !

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    Definitely pantyhose. When I was very young I had an innocent encounter with a beautiful woman who happened to be wearing pantyhose.

    They made a huge impression on me and I developed a fascination for hosiery. I was 18 or 19 years old when I bought my first pair and I was immediately hooked. When I got married, my wife caught me and it was a major reason for our divorce.

    After the split, I stopped wearing nylons for about 6 years. I thought I had overcome the urge but I was wrong. I remember being in a store and noticed an attractive lady who was very well-dressed. My eyes were drawn to her shapely legs... she was wearing a pair of off-black, nightshade pantyhose. My heart started pounding and my hands began shaking. Without thinking, I immediately went to the hosiery section and bought two pairs of hose in the exact same shade that the attractive woman was wearing.

    That was the moment when I realized the desire to wear pantyhose would never go away. Since that day, I've become less embarrassed and ashamed of my predilection and have shared my secret with virtually every subsequent girlfriend. I can honestly say that every woman I have been with has totally accepted the fact that I enjoy wearing pantyhose.

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    I am part of everything.
    Black dress, thick, heavy fabric with white and purple embroidered patterns on the chest. I put it on and it was game over.

    I was 6.
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    Part One:
    In my 50's, a female tenant moved out and left some clothes. I remember seeing if I could squeeze into her jeans? I could just. I looked and felt sexy! Then, promptly forgot that for a year.

    Part 2:
    A year or so later another tenant moved out leaving several boxes of her things for me to donate to any charity. EVERYTHING fit me, even her shoes! I was hooked!
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    At age 15, a pair of purloined, long leg panties.

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    For me it was my mother's white nylon full slips she hanged to dry in the hallway to the bedroom. I had to negotiate my way through a maze of clothing. I loved the feel of the nylon. At first all I did was caress the slips. Then, it was to take the slip off the drying line and slip into them in the sole bathroom of the apartment. Later, I discovered her long nylon nightgowns.

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    A little different for me. My mother had a huge collection of earrings, all screw back or clip on. I would often try these on when she wasn’t around and suspect it triggered further exploration of cross dressing.


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