Some days you can do no wrong. Other days you look like you fell face first into the makeup counter.

It is true that I do not do makeup every day because I do not dress every day but gee wiz. I would have thought that I can at least not make myself look like a (your words here).

Today is one of those days.

Here is another subject. Have you ever put on a dress that was so tight that you have to remove your bra and forms just to get it off. Never mind considering how hard it was to zip up all alone.
I wish my wife could have helped me. We are in a DS (don't show) relationship. We talk about it but she does not want to see me like that. Well is that a situation where I might get some leeway?
Afterall, I could have been fighting that darn dress for a hour. I even thought I could rip or cut it. I was too well made. It did not budge.

On the upside it pushed all my man boobs way up and I had a ton of cleavage showing.

But not today. I look like crap. Time for a shower.