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Thread: Tell me about your (former?) dual life...

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    Tell me about your (former?) dual life...

    You know, if it applies to you, of course.

    I'm guessing that at least some of you, at some point, perhaps even currently, had lived a "dual life" -- one as male, one as female.

    Certainly interested in hearing about it.

    Was it male at work, female outside of work? Something else?

    How long did it go on for?

    What sort of joys & sorrows did you experience doing that? And did it cause any kind of confusion or anything for yourself or others?

    Do you feel that it was probably the best way for you to go about this?

    Do you personally know anyone in real-life who did/is doing this? If so, how do you view them? Anything they might be doing "right" or "wrong," in your eyes? Maybe something different that you wish you would have thought of & tried/done?

    Also, what finally pushed you "over the edge" to start living most/all of your daily life as a woman?

    Just a few ideas of what I'm looking for... Not necessary to answer any/all of those specific questions. You can certainly view this as open-ended, as you share whatever you want on this topic.

    Many thanks!

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    My story of my journey is told on these pages already, but I will go over it briefly!
    I was a "normal" CD! Loved me some panties! No make up and no wig! Felt the "need" to go out! Got dressed in what I had and took a drive! What a rush! I came here and learned a lot!
    I decided I needed a transformation to feel the waters so to speak! OMG! Yes, definately female! (24/5 as a female!) I bought a wig! I was instructed to get a color match at a MAC store which I did!
    I was male at work only! That ended with fingernail polish! I normally removed it before work! Once it was just too nice to remove! I nervously wore it to work! Mixed reactions! Mostly compliments but 2 people asked if I was Gay! Next step the Boss of a private company! Her comment was, "Well, you have to be who you are!" Now 24/7/365 as female!
    Next was name change and it basically went smoothly during the Pandemic!
    What pushed me over the edge was a Transformation and a boss' acceptance!
    HRT has been wonderful for me! Let's just say I am much happier!
    Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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    Since this is the transsexual forum it seems that these nine questions should be asked in the sticky above designated explicitly for that purpose. For clarity let?s deal with one or two questions at a time.

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